The Adventures of Purple, a Harlot (part VII) An ongoing series of fornication and frolick!  

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The Adventures of Purple, a Harlot (part VII) An ongoing series of fornication and frolick!

I glared at her, I knew my face portrayed all the hatred I felt. “Hello Mother, fuck anyone over today or were you waiting for me?” I asked, my voice filled with sarcasm.

(I guess now would be a good time to explain that when I said dearly departed I meant just that. She departed from my life and I was dearly thankful to have that bitch away from my father. She was a snake in stilettos, crawling her way through life feasting on the rodents that threw themselves in front of her. I worked all my life to be my own person and often I feared I was becoming like her except for one difference....I would never walk away from love)

“Well Darling.”, she said, motioning to the men to lift me. “You know how fond I am of your Dravus and when he said you would be stopping by I couldn't resist.” Turning, she walked from the shower and the two thugs holding me carried me through the door, out of the bathroom and into the bedroom where my mother already stood, hands crossed in front of her. “On the bed.” and with that I was lifted high and tossed over onto the thick mattress, sliding slightly on the sheets.

“You know you always were a brat and even as a kid you had to learn your lessons a hard way. I think we should keep with that practice. Have fun gentlemen.”, and with that she sauntered from the room. I quickly rolled off the side of the bed and made an attempt to escape the room but was blocked by one of the neanderthals my Mother had left behind. He reached for me but I dove back onto the bed, and stood in the middle, waiting, watching for their next move. It did not take long before the other one dove onto the bed and tried to grab my leg. I moved back and when he landed on the bed, I stepped onto his back and jumped down off the bed and ran from the room. He quickly recovered and his counterpart was already hot on my trail as I made my way through the maze of rooms. My legs were suddenly knocked out from underneath me as we went crashing down onto the floor. One had his arms wrapped around my legs and the other grabbed my wrists. I fought like hell but mass brute strength won out and I was soon back in that bedroom, splayed down on the bed. They gathered I wasn't going to be the willing little girl and soon myself at their mercy.

I guess Dravis had been shopping, there was a new leather and rope bondage harness. The leather collar was attached to a strap that followed the line down my chest and lower to a rope attached around my hips and cut between my legs. My hands were cuffed to the strap down my chest and I felt like a god damn turkey trussed up for the holidays. The criss cross ropes cut into my flesh and made my breasts seem impossibly more exposed than just mere nudity, ironic.

Ropes attached through the d-rings at my wrist held me fairly immobile on the bed. With only my legs free I could see that I wouldn't be very effective at fighting these two massive beasts and would have to take whatever they dealt, like a woman.

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