The Adventures of Purple, a Harlot (part IX) An ongoing series of fornication and frolick!  

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12/4/2005 12:04 pm

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The Adventures of Purple, a Harlot (part IX) An ongoing series of fornication and frolick!

As they continued stroking their cocks, their free hands began moving over my exposed skin. I felt a stinging slap from Joe across one of my breasts while Blake pinched my inner thigh. I bit the inside of my cheek, refusing to give them to satisfaction of me making a sound. Twisting a nipple with his fingertips Joe leaned down and licked my cheek. I turned my head away quickly but he followed, laying his upper chest against me. I still refused to make any verbal acknowledgement even with me breath being cut out of me by this massive weight on my chest. I quickly jerked my head to the side and slammed Joe in the nose. "Son of a Bitch", at least that is what I thougth I heard, was hard to tell he was holding his nose and I could see some blood on his fingertips. "Ha", I was thinking, "That is what you deserve asshole." The next second I lost all thought as I felt my head yanked by my hair and felt warm breath against my ear.

"You stupid bitch, you probably broke his nose." The next moment, Joe had his hands around my neck. Sticky wetness against my neck from his blood soaked fingers. Droplets hit my skin, I could feel them but was more concerned about the pressure and darkness in the corner of my vision as I felt myself losing conciousness. My last thought before blackness took me was, "Maybe I shouldn't have done that..."

When I woke, I don't know how much time had passed and I was no longer on the bed but on my side in a small room. Strange space, the walls were dark, possibly painted black. It was hard to tell as there was hardly any light coming from the small penlight on the floor. I took great gulps of air, filling my lungs with blessed oxygen that I thought I might not experience again. I rolled from where I was on my side and found numerous sore places. I could feel criss cross patterns on my back where I had been beaten. There was a sore spot on my arm, looked like I had been pricked with a needle. As I tried to stand the world tilted slightly and was suprised to find myself sprawled face down on the floor. What the fuck did they stick me with and how long had I been out?

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