The Adventures of Purple, a Harlot (part IV) An ongoing series of fornication and frolick!  

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10/23/2005 8:34 am

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The Adventures of Purple, a Harlot (part IV) An ongoing series of fornication and frolick!

The officer tiped his hat back from his head and looked at me. “Well Ma'am it would seem that you have somehow misplaced a few articles of clothing. Could you tell me exactly what you are doing?”

Smiling sweetly I replied, “Of course, see this gentleman here, I am going to give him an amazing experience. You are welcome to watch, or wait your turn if you would like.” I could feel the “gentleman” stiffen slightly and I am not talking about anything other than his cock. This was turning him on, the exchange between the officer and myself.

The officer approached, “Now see here Ma'am, this is a public roadway and if you are going to be doing something like that out here, you will need some help.” With that I heard a soft click of a cuff on a wrist. The driver jumped and tried at back away but was too dazed, too slow and was quickly cuffed, hands behind his back. I pushed against his chest till he bumped against the side of the trick and went back to where I was before. Cock in hand, mouth wrapped around the tip, licking and sucking him. He immediately began moaning again. I think he enjoyed that rather helpless feeling and now with the added addition of the audience, I could tell it wouldn't take him long.

I felt hands on me, the officer behind me pulled on my hips so I was standing, bent at the waist, mouth still sliding up and down that cock. My thong pushed slightly to the side and two fingers slid into me. I moaned around the flesh inside my mouth and moved back against the hand. It played and manipulated me and was quickly replaced by a cock. I could feel the slide and stretch of my cunt as it filled me and I bucked back against it. It was so good, that I went to work double time on the “gentleman” and soon felt the spurt of his cum in my mouth. Licking him dry, I pulled him from my mouth and flashed him a smile. I push a hand against the body behind me and stood. The officer's engorged cock glistened wetly with my juices and I smiled, perfect.

I stroked a finger down and dipping my finger inside myself brought it to my lips, licking off the juices. Then grabbing the driver by the front of his shirt I brought him to me for a deep kiss, my essence still clinging to my tongue finding its way onto his. He moaned into my mouth and I smiled against him. Releasing him from my hold, I turned him around and pushed him against the truck. (I love cuffs)

I looked back over my shoulder and asked the officer, “So, Evan, you want a piece of that sweet ass?” I heard the audible gasp from the man pressed against the truck and the force as he attempted to move out of the way but maybe it was the cuffs, the recent ejaculation, or excitment of it he did not struggle like he meant it. Evan moved forward, sliding a bottle of lube and condom from his pocket. That's my baby, always prepared...

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