Fornication for Freaks  

havenbliss 43F
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9/18/2005 8:22 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Fornication for Freaks

Egads!! (yes I mad a horrible expression from a lame Adam West Batman episode)

Okay so like I said in my last post it was FWB's birthday and I was going to play. Well play we did. It started out with dinner. I slaved away in his kitchen and I think it excited him a little....he is into tastes and textures and I created a culinary delight as a prequel to cunninglus perhaps?

We watched a movie and then headed out to a bar he likes where they have a crazy ass karaoke host names Vincent. Not that FWB does karaoke he is just drawn to the culture as he says. He believes we are a competitive bunch and we actually had an arguement this morning about how competitive I am....I am so not!

Needless to say, 14 drinks later..that works out to 7 each...Black Russins (12), Gin and tonic (1), Buttery Nipple (1) and a chocolate cake bought for the host we were both a little tipsy. We walked home and I fell off a sidewalk and twisted my ankle and the kind gentleman that he is told me to "keep walking, you're fine. Did you fall off the sidewalk?" Ummm duh!!!

So we made it back to the apartment and I did my hacking gagging cough that I always do when we pass a certain building because I swear to God we have only ever passed once where someone has not been outside coughing up their lunch..or something else. One of his favorite stories is how someone coughed so hard they puked..ummm yeah?

So needless to say, lots of carnal play, vibe action in the ass...his not mine...flogging (I have quite the wrist flick) and a drunk declaration...(15 times) and we find outselves sated and sleepy after closing the bar.

Upon waking we had morning know boys that nice hardon you wake up with and want to shove down their throat. We did doggie style, then we stood up and then I fell on the floor when I came...hehe and then we did the "cum in my face" routine and enjoyed a nice morning of him being hungover and me relaying the humorous details he did not remember. I almost kept from him his profuse announcements of the "L" word..and no I am not talking about "lesbian".

Breakfast at the B&O...I recommend their spinach and feta omlette, a day at Ikea and the lego store....yes the lego store. He is an over grown lego junkie who is in the midst of building this sweet ass rat rod that I already love.

*yawn* and I find myself sleep deprived but happy that I had such a great evening...mmm Sunday, they do Karaoke at the same place we went to...I wonder if Vincest is working. He is one fine sweet man....mmm mmmm good. I need to introduce him to a friend I think..

AtomicArtist0 45M
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9/19/2005 12:38 pm

Its funny to see the same story on both our blogs but written in a completely different style. Especially the things you remember and the things I don't because I was plastered sideways. A lot of the details are the same, though. Good entry, great freak, you.

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