Yearly Disappearence  

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Yearly Disappearence

This is a “gang” story. What that means is that the comments on this entry should be a few paragraphs that continue the story, no posts of “Wow, that’s great..” or “OMG that sucks...”. If you wish to contribute to the story, please feel free, but be sure to have read the whole story “To Date” so that your paragraphs make sense.When writing try to pick up on details from previous entries. The first entry will provide the scene and many details to use. Try to maintain the style that is being used as well. Please do your best to maintain readability and good spelling. When the story is done it will be compiled, edited and re-posted. That being said, have fun. This is going to be slow an tough on AdultFriendFinder since the posting is not in real time, but lets give it a try anyway.

This is a “First Person Narrative”. To change narrators start the paragraph like this: “Jonathan: ” and continue.
Cast member: Jonathan is senior of the group, 40 y/o, 6’2” about 200 pounds, brown hair, hazel eyes, good natured.
Cast member: Randi is 38 y/o, 5’8” about 130 pounds, well endowed in bust and curves, blonde hair, blue eyes, a bit quiet but vocal when really moved.
Cast member: Kim is 37 y/o, 5’4” about 110 pounds, nicely proportioned, raven hair and sultry black eyes (maybe a bitod asian ancestry), and very outgoing.
Cast member: Steward (the Kid) of the group is 28 y/o, about 5’11” and 165 pounds, well muscled and well endowed. He has sandy brown hair and steel blue eyes. Likekim he is outgoing but has an intensity about him.
Additional cast: There are two men and two women who work on the island as servants and are of Jamacan ancestry. Their descriptions and names are open for you to play with.
Back-story: There is no back story as to why they are there other than it is a yearly thing and to have a good time. As to why it started and the back-story for that it is Antone’s guess and open for writing about.
Relationships: None stated at this point. If there are you may write about it (writers, remember to pick up on these details as they happen).
Location: A Caribbean island with two bungalows and one staff house a ways off. Anything you want is on the island within reason, food of all descriptions and luxuries of course abound.

Yearly Disappearance

Jonathan: We call it our “Yearly Disappearance”, but really it is just an excuse to indulge ourselves to our hearts content, in many ways. Myself, Kim, Randi and Stewart all fly down to St. Barts and take a boat to a little island affectionately called Sabarta for a weekend of total hedonism. Nothing there but our two wind brushed and open bungalows, four servant’s (two local men and women), plenty of great food anything else we could want, white sandy beaches (definitely clothing optional, and in fact frowned upon by our little quartet) and ourselves with nothing to do but relax and enjoy every moment as if it were the last.

The moment we slide up on shore (no dock) Kim is always the first to jump right off the skiff and strip down and frolic in the gentle waves. Stewart and I follow of course, just as readily tossing our “island gear” for “birthday suits” quickly enough,always wanting to catch Kim in the water. She is definitely fun that way, and oh so much pleasure in the water. Randi, well Randi is water shy, pity that, but does find her way to the towels and chaise to worship the sun for her yearly overall tan. From the water, watching Randi apply the sun tanning lotion is an exotic site. And for such a site I take a moment.

If Randi were to ever take to the world of exotic dancing, I have no doubt that she would be an instant success. She is just built like every mans dream, beautiful large natural breasts (no implants there, I know that for certain), lovely long legs so well curved. When she is in a skirt, there is not a man, and damn few women, alive that does not look at those legs. Her trim waist and firm belly tell a tale of a woman who must be confident in herself, for there is not a flaw on her. She has a gorgeous oval face and pert aqualine nose and shining blue eyes than pierce a man through and through from under a mein of bountiful blonde hair.

Randi spreads the lotion on very liberally all over. She runs her hand up and down her legs and thighs, turns and slathers it over her bumm and well tended garden. God this is sexy, I am beginning to sport wood even now. She runs her hands over her tight belly and messages the lotion into her breasts. I know she is enjoying this, the nips are firming up, I can see that even from here, twenty years away and being splashed by Kim. She finishes up her arms and long neck and face and reposes on fluffy white towels and a chaise. Damn, what am I doing? I should just go over there and fuck her. Get the vacation started off right. But of course this is when Kim decides to jump on me and grab my cox.

Anyone ... please continue.

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8/25/2005 1:49 pm

It gets really hard in her hand and it is difficult at first to be sure which stimulus is providing the fuel for this fire.
"Well, I've been waiting all morning just to get my hands on you", she breathes heavily into my ear. "it's so cool in this water and you're so hot...."
As her strokes my cock, I realize that Randi has begun to watch the proceedings in the most nonchallant way possible. Why not give her a show then.....Grabbing Kim by her tiny waist< i pull her close and start finger ing that tight wet little pussy. "Have you been a good girl? Is that cunt of yours ready to get fucked?"
Oh, you know it, baby, it has been ready from the word go..." she wraps her legs around me and slides just so til her pussy eases onto the head of my dick.....Oh yeah... it's juicy forme already....I can't help but notice that Randi's hand has found its way between her legs......

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