Wolf Call  

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8/30/2005 8:25 pm

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Wolf Call

Speaking of sexism, one of the things us guys just love to do is that little whistle as a good looking woman is walking down the street. The “whoo hoo” of appreciation for what we see as a ‘‘prime piece of female flesh”. (Yeah, I know that seems degrading, but to us men, that is high praise in our crude Fred Flintstone minds.)

Do you women mind this? If I were a woman (and I know I am not since the last time I checked at the urinal a few minutes ago,) I do not think I would be offended. In fact I may be quite flattered. I know that I am always flattered when a woman remarks well on one of my physical attributes, so why shouldn’t a woman be equally flattered? This is total guy think, and again goes back to the Fred brain of “See something good, want something good”, and a good looking woman that much more so.

Besides, don’t’ women do the same thing? You know, “Umm Umm, look at that ass” or some such? If so, can’t we men do the same thing?

So women, next time you see me, you can whistle if you want. I might even wiggle my ass in return.

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