When an Ex Lies  

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6/16/2005 5:46 pm

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When an Ex Lies

I am not talking about my ex wife, no this is more personal on a different level.

Recently another lover (let’s call her K) informed me that she has mononucleosis, the dreaded kissing disease. Now this is not AIDS or other type of VD (she ran a full blood work and was clean), but it is an infection and she dutifully informed me so that I was aware that there may be a problem.

Seems that my previous lover (we’ll call her S, and we are decidedly not together any more) took some time while we were in the midst of a fight to have a bit of a fling. Now, I understand this, but because of her tryst, she contracted mono. Well, when we got back together we were of course intimate and it seems I may have caught the disease. I have not come down with symptoms, it seems I may have had it at one point without knowing it and my body built up anti-bodies to deal with it (or should I say I have had very mild symptoms). But being exposed to the disease again I have become a carrier and now have infected another.

Look, sh!t happens and you deal with it. So, I will put myself out of circulation for a while (doc says three weeks) and everything will be fine. But that is not the point. I had asked S directly if she had an affair and she flatly denied it. I had suspected, but I am a trusting person for the most part, and if she said she had not then she had not. She then showed signs of mono.

So, when I was informed that Kay had mono I was at a lost as to where it had come from. Again, K has never lied to me, and her openness in telling me about it just confirms my opinion that she will never lie to me. But I feel awful that she now has to be put out because of a lie told to me. In short, I feel dirty.

I am more than a bit furious. I ranted and raved for a good long time (all in the privacy of my own place, no one around of course). I feel used and soiled. I have had to go to the doc when I really hate hospitals, and had to endure the leaches and probing of ham handed technicians. True I am getting a complete blood work up from it (always a good idea) but I really did not need to at this time.

There are three types of people that I will not abide; rude people, inconsiderate people, and liars. S fell into the category of all three and I never knew it until now. I am crushed and furious and bewildered at my own lack of vision all at the same time.

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