What I Want...  

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6/25/2005 7:57 pm

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What I Want...


How I am longing to be with you can not know. For my thought are filled with conversation and moments of intimate closeness.

After our talks, it was all I could do to keep my mind on work and not daydream about the possibilities of what could have happened that night had we had a chance. I would have ravaged you as you so desired, and I would have enjoyed myself in your ravishment. The ravishment would have been firm and strong but sweet and tender at the same time. Indeed, I wish to run my hands over you, making you feel every bit the woman you are.

When we meet I want to exchange not even a single word at first. I want to take you into my arms and hold you, kissing your neck and ears, stroking your hair gently, then running my finger through you feminine crown, cradling your head. Our lips will meet in passion and our tongues will lock in abandon as we start to couple in the way long parted lovers do.

Slowly, I will let my hands explore, and you will guide them to the regions you want explored. Places of warmth, places of desire, places of wantonness. And as I explore I will slowly remove your coverings, baring the flesh beneath so that I may access it more easily with my hands and my lips. And as the clothes slowly strip away from you, you will slowly undress me.

You will let your hands roam over my body as well, for you want to explore me, you need to know all about me, not in words tonight, but in the purely physical aspect that only two people can share. Two people that want to know everything about the other. To know my strong spots, tender spots, and private secret spots.

Soon, after you have disrobed me as well, you will yearn to place your lips on my manhood, and I will succumb to this, letting you dominate me by allowing you to take that most sacred of tools into your mouth, knowing that I am helpless were you to wield your power over me and bite. But I have trust in you, you will do no worse than love my manhood. You will lick it and suckle it, stroke it and play with it, making me bow to your feminine skills and charms. You will explore below, to my most tender and sensitive spot, my sac, and run your tongue over it, making me shiver and you employ your greedy mouth on my balls. I will cradle your head while you do this and we will merge at this coupling, but knowing that it is only a start on our exploration of each other. You will do this, bringing me to the point of release, but then stop, for it will be your turn at receiving the pleasure that I can deliver.

Once I am fully aroused and both our senses heightened, I will lay you upon a soft bed and begin my explorations anew. My hands will wonder where they will, over your arms and legs, your back, your pouting breast and over you secret garden. They will play with the sensitive nipples for a long time and idle outside the gates of your secret garden, then slowly they will open them, allowing me to explore the wonders that you treasure within.

Meanwhile, I will be licking you breasts, letting my tongue and free hand do as they will, stiffening you pert nipple and delivering exquisite jolts of pain that do not hurt, but rather heighten the experience even more. My hands and mouth will work their magic and you will writhe in pleasure, wanting me to take you. Take you hard and fast, but that is not to be.

My hands will slowly work down to you sweet pussy, again working the arcane secrets that I know will arouse you to new levels of pleasure. You will be very moist by now, and indeed you will be wanting my manhood to be driven deep within you, but not yet. No, definitely not yet.

Slowly my fingers will touch you on the forbidden nub, slowly peeling back the hood to touch a most intimate part of you. I may even let my lips wonder down there and use my tongue to stroke your clitoris as my probing fingers search within you for the alter of your g-spot. And when they find your g-spot, and they surely will, they will tickle it making your whole body squirm in ecstasy, your womanly juices flowing in anticipation of the grander exploration to come. But before that you will climax and climax well, maybe many times, and it will not be enough.

For by this time I will need to be aroused again, but be assured that it will not take much to make by tool stiff and very ready for the coupling to come. You will stroke it gently and enticingly, lightly scratching my ball sac with you womanly claws. And my manhood will rise again to meet you where we both want it to be.

We will prolong the enjoyment for as long as we both can bare it, for you will take a position above me, and me well with you, and we will very slowly start the sensual cadence that will shatter our world, our world that we have created over the last few hours and has enrapt us both. For there is no outside now, there is only us in a world of our making, and for our mutual pleasure we will shatter it. Shatter it and fall into a heap of our sweaty bodies.

Very slowly I will penetrate you, deeply and fully. So much so that you will stop and just feel my throbbing prick within you, touching you deep. Slowly, slowly it will be withdrawn and then re-enter, each time delivering the sensation deep within you. And you will feel it, from the pit of your stomach to the tips of your toes to the small wispy hairs on the back of your neck. Each thrust producing more and more sensation, tightening our connection, slowly drawing us into each other as no other act possibly can. I will feel your warm liquor flow over my manhood, then down my testicles, warming them, and I will long to be so deep within you that my balls are also covered within your warm chamber. And I will try to make that happen, again driving ever deeper. There will be moments I tell you to stop and relax, don't move a muscle, as I exert the control I must to let the experience continue. And soon it will continue, continue to the point that we just can not stop and waves of pure sex wash over us. Your secret place pulsates and grips my throbbing cox forcing it to produce the warm fluid that marks my own intense pleasure. It is all we can do not to scream out together, but it doesn't matter and we scream out anyways. Gods... and the screams shatter the world we've created and we slowly drift back to Earth.

For hours we cleanse each other in soothing and erotic ways and work up our passions again, and again... but that is for another time and another missive.

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6/26/2005 8:28 am

Now why can't someone send me a letter like this?

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