Urban Legend?  

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Urban Legend?

[The following is for example only. If you are faint of heart do not read this entry. Do not try this at home. This is meant as a study in human behavior and fact finding about a particular urban legend. I repeat, do not try this at home, it is very dangerous and can result in serious medical harm. No animals were harmed in the production of this entry.]

OK, I heard about a practice that really disgusted me so I will share it with you, my faithful readers. Is this a real practice or is it just urban legend. If it is real would you do it? Do you know ANYONE who has done it?

The practice I am talking about is The Gerbil Injection. Here is how it works, supposedly.

The equipment: One metal pipe about a foot long, a condom (or not if you are into the extreme version of it), a lighter (like a Bic) or a torch, some lubricant (again, or not is you are extreme), and of course a gerbil or mouse.

The instructions: Take a pipe and put the condom on one end. Lube the end of the pipe with the condom. Insert the lubed end of the pipe into someone’s anus. Put the gerbil or mouse into the pipe. Heat the exposed end of the pipe with the lighter or torch. Wait for the gerbil to run away from the heat and crawl into the condom. Remove the pipe leaving the condom and gerbil in the anus of the person injected. Wait until the gerbil stops squirming inside the person’s ass and then remove the condom and dead gerbil.

The results: The person injected thusly experiences the sensation of random clawing and wiggling in the rectum and it is supposedly a very orgasmic feeling. There is also the added and perverted satisfaction that something died up you ass. Gives the saying “Damn, did something die in you boy” after a noxious fart a whole new meaning.

I shit you not, I really heard about this.

You may or may not remember the urban legend that Richard Gere was admitted to a hospital in Hollywood due to complications from something shoved up his ass. Well, this Gerbil Injection is what the complication supposedly was. I know for a fact that it is not uncommon for people to show up in hospital emergency rooms to have things removed from their rectums, so it is not that far fetched.

But really, is this a real practice? I mean in a perverted way I can actually see this working, animals run from heat and flame so it is not beyond the imagination that this could work.

So I got to know, is this for real or just another urban legend?

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