rm_harshawj 51M
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7/28/2005 8:25 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


So, now details on the little IM Incident come out, and it is unbelievable. Not only was the joker warned while he was doing it (impersonating me to to my GF) but he was warned against it. Not just by one person, but by TWO. Even more unbelievable is that he was warned about it by our boss.

Two other people knew he was stepping over the line and did nothing. Two other people just let it slip by and not let me know that he had done it. Two other people there to protest what he was doing and he ignored them and they did nothing to remedy a situation that they knew was going to be a problem.

I feel like I was set up. I have to find another job.

bella_ 47F
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7/28/2005 2:41 pm

Wow...that is horrible. It just shows us that we must be careful..all of us. It is an invasion of privacy

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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7/29/2005 7:46 pm

Wishing I could be independently wealthy and give up on the rat race altogether!!! lol... Dang, where are those jeanies in a bottle when we need them?????

Hoping your working life takes an improvement soon!!


GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
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8/3/2005 12:24 pm

That's not funny in any way. The other two could at least just have signed you out so he wouldn't have had the chance to actually do what he did. I think that's what I would have done ... but then, I never leave my puter unlocked when I walk out my office (one of the absolutes in my line of work).

hope things with your g'f are ok... and good luck on the road you choose

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