Two Weeks Ago  

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2/3/2006 7:40 pm

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Two Weeks Ago

About two weeks ago I received an email that knocked me back for a while. It was from someone I really care for and she said that I was no longer the one to make her smile. We are still friends, but it is the reason that the entries last week were more obscure than usual.

But with this ever so nice “Dear John” letter (there is no sarcasm here, so don’t read into the wording), it hurt me deeply and I was seriously considering breaking all ties with the online community and the friends that I had made after June 2004. Drastic? Yeah, but then again I was really shook up.

But time has a way of making things better if you leave yourself open to the currents change. So here I am, still online, still communicating with everyone, and still looking for that person or persons that will make my life stronger and more fulfilled. And that being the case… new people have drifted into my life and some have drifted out.

Drifting out were several women that I was flirting with and hoping to get to know. These are not even on my radar any more as potentials because they have not communicated with me so that tells me they are not interested. I gave them a chance, made the little advances to talk more to get to know one another, but they have dropped me so I will drop them as well.

Drifting in, well, that is interesting. First off I have a new friend at work, George. George is a great guy and we get along well and talk over breakfast each day. He seems to be someone I can count on and it is nice to have another male friend. No I am not gay, I am talking guy friend and only that. Someone that meeting and talking over a beer type friend. I find these are rare in my life since I tend to draw more women into my life than men.

Also drifting in is another woman that seem to like me for who I am. This was fairly unexpected for me, but we talk and seem to have many of the same interests. Where is this all going, I am not sure but I know this, I am going to take it slow and honest. I am going to be who I am, and if that is not enough, then I will just have to keep searching for someone that will like me for me. I refuse to change myself just to suit other people, a position I have held for a while and will maintain.

So, mourning over, now back to the game and I plan to win. And have fun along the way.

So Long, Farewell, Goodbye
BBVD, Scotty Morris

So long my friends, farewell goodbye
I'd love to stay an play and sing for awhile,
but it's time to hit the road and say goodbye
So long farewell goodbye

Goodbye to my friends I'm glad you were here
It's time for us to go and get another beer
Well I'd like to see your smiling faces again
so goodbye my friends bye-bye

Thank you for the open invitation
your kind applause and adulation,
but look at the time lord we got to fly
so long farewell baby bye-bye

Hey there now friends, it's time to go,
but we'll return and do another show
When we come back drop in and say hi
So long farewell bye-bye

So long farewell baby bye-bye,
and now we're leaving with tears in our eyes
We'll be back soon so don't you cry
So long farewell bye-bye

(I know that does not make a lot of sense, but it is what I felt needed to be tacked on to the entry)

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