Three Words...  

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Three Words...

I thought you may want to know what the "Words of the Day" were for me... and hopefully the upcoming weekend:

sen•su•al•ism n.
... Excessive devotion to sensual pleasure; sensuality.
sen su•al•ist n.
sen su•al•is tic adj.
he•don•ism n.
... 1) Pursuit of or devotion to pleasure, especially to the pleasures of the senses.
... 2) Philosophy. The ethical doctrine holding that only what is pleasant or has pleasant consequences is intrinsically good.
... 3) Psychology. The doctrine holding that behavior is motivated by the desire for pleasure and the avoidance of pain.
[Greek h don , pleasure; see sw d- in Indo-European Roots + -ism.]
he don•ist n.
he don•is tic adj.
he don•is ti•cal•ly adv.
Syb•a•rite n.
... 1) often sybarite A person devoted to pleasure and luxury; a voluptuary.
... 2) A native or inhabitant of Sybaris.
[Latin Sybar ta, native of Sybaris, from Greek Subar t s, from Subaris, Sybaris (from the notorious luxury of its inhabitants) .]
syb a•rit•ism n.

No comment needed, just thought you should know.

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