The Gauntlet is Cast  

rm_harshawj 51M
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6/13/2005 2:12 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Gauntlet is Cast

So, here it is, I have a friend, we will call him Arioch, and so I gave him a nod, knowing he was on AdultFriendFinder as well. I figured I would let him read my blog if he wanted to. So send off a quick email and...

He took it as a challenge. Did I want to impress him with the blog? No, not really, but he took it adversarial, and thus cast a gauntlet at me... A challenge of blogging. What is this challenge to be based on? I haven't the foggiest, but it could be interesting...

Maybe it will be based on creative writing, number of posts, or maybe even comments, in which case he will beat me handily (I seem to write a lot, but it is not controversial and thus no comments). Whatever may come, it should be interesting and I foresee a lot of cross talk between the two blogs.

Well, it is something to do, and I guess it will help with my writing style and volume.

If anyone has heard of such a thing, let me know and what were they basing the "contest" on. I really would be interested in knowing.

silvertongue65 52M
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6/14/2005 7:13 pm

I beg to differ... I did not see it as a competition... I saw it as you challenging me to get off of my creative ass, so to speak, and to start creating again. The last thing I want to do is get into that type of pecker-matching with someone as creative (or more so) than myself. It's not a contest... I just felt you were sort of subconsciously saying, "Hey, Dude... what happened to your creative juices....?" So there

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