Taxi Fantasy Two; Diane Part 6  

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10/19/2005 7:38 pm

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Taxi Fantasy Two; Diane Part 6

Picking up ditectly from the last post.


“693, go ahead…”

“693, in service, continuing charter”

“693, You have 2 hour left on trip…”

“693, Yeah, add two more for time off for lunch.”

“693, 10/4 will advise super, meter?”

“693, meter is at $375.45 at 163.”

“693, copy that.”

Business complete I punched the meter and looked over to my fair sitting next to me, “So where to now doll?”

“How about someplace to get a real good look at all the Strip Light all at once?”

“Sure thing babe, got just the spot.” I didn’t, but what did that matter at this point. I figured if she was really like my Diane, and so far it looked like it, she wanted a hot engine hood under ass as I fucked her under the stars. No doubt that Diane had told her of the time we got caught on PCH, I would bet my right nut that she wanted to feel that same thrill, just needed the spot.

I took the taxi onto the 15 and headed south, cut over to the 215 east figuring to find a good spot above Henderson to look out from. There were many roads that wound up signal hill that could offer “the view” she wanted, so why not.

“So Diane, what’s you story? You seem to know a lot about me, I know nothing about you, yet.”

“What do you want to know?”

“Well, to start, how do you know Diane? I lost track of her years ago…”

She spun a story starting a few years after Diane and I lost track of each other. They met at UCSB, the two of them working on Masters Degrees in Psychology. They were roommates in the dorms there and she told me how they would tackle prime wood. How they were more into each other and pick and use guys for their fun and amusement. That started their association.

Later on my Diane found her match and got married, but the two of them stayed very close and sometimes shared their men, leading to the swinger lifestyle for many years. In that time the two shared everything they had done, and I was of course part of the stories. Well, at least I was remembered well.

“So, when Diane moved away with Henry I was left all alone. It is not much fun to hunt solo, especially when my girl toy was not around. When we got together last month, you know reminiscing and such, she came up with the idea to find you. She always talked about you fondly, said you were a good fuck and always up for it. You know, she always said that you were the one that got away.”

“Really, well, I have often thought that of her too. She brought it out in me. Never did find anyone else that could live up to Diane’s … exuberance.”

“Well, what about me?”

“Babe, one blowjob under the table does not make you my Diane, but it is a good start…”

“Really, is that a challenge you’re leveling at me?”

“Sweets, take that any way you like. But if you know Diane that well, you know what I mean, she was insatiable. You insatiable?”

With that she put her feet on the passenger side dash and hiked up her dress. Faster than I have ever seen a woman do, her silk panties were off. She took them, put them to her nose and breathed in deeply… “Umm… what do you think?” and put the panties on my shoulder.

I grabbed them with my left hand and took in the head aroma of her pussy, she was sweet and fresh, recent cum on them drove my manhood to attention. “You’re getting there…”

But I didn’t have to give her any prompting, she was already masturbating right there, feet up, cunt exposed to anyone that would be driving next to us. She went after it with abandon, I could smell it from the drivers seat, she was as horny as a vixen, wanting it bad.

As we pulled off the highway her bra appeared and was promptly deposited out the window. God, she was so like my Diane. I pulled off the highway and headed to the hills, but not nearly fast enough, she was already massaging her tits. Her nipples were hard and I wanted them in my mouth so bad. I admit, I am a tit man, I love a nice set of breasts, they are so much fun to play with.

I found a spot on an undeveloped street.

She was out of the cab in a heartbeat, stripping right there in the street. In the moonlight I could see her beautiful pert breast, like torpedo tips and oh so aroused. The cool evening air made them even harder. She spun around naked in the street with nothing on but “fuck me” heels. They made her legs so shapely, I knew I wanted them wrapped around me. As she spun I got a good look at her ass, so spankable. God this was my Diane, or at least a kindred spirit of her and I was so turned on.

I hit the meter to “time off” and got out of the cab and went over to join her. She walked right over and started to undress me. I had been in this scene before twenty years prior and I am sure that was the intent. My shirt was thrown away, my pants and jocks down to my ankles and she was over me rubbing her firm and hot body all over my skin.

She stroked my manhood and moved my hands to her tits, they were nice, firm and so hot. My other hand found her pussy and the hidden clit. I stroked it and could feel her cum as my hand was wet a moment later. I hiked her onto the hood of the cab.

“Fuck me, fuck me now!”

She screamed it, I fucked her.

The hot hood of the taxi added to the heat we were generating and it was erotic. With each stroke into her tight pussy (yes, like my Diane she was so tight) she pounded the hood. I rammed it home, giving her every bit of length I had, angling it just right, the head of cock stimulating the back of her pussy, the shaft massaging her g-spot. She shook and I felt her chamber pulling my cock even deeper into her. This was new, usually an orgasm for a woman pushed me out and I had to stroke in and maintain it with shorter strokes while she came. But Diane was the opposite, her spasms pulling my manhood deeper into her, stroking it and making me all the harder.

I stroked and grasped her breasts harder, she loved it and bucked more, wanting me completely in her. It was already there, my balls slapping her ass all the while. Finally she tensed, wrapped her legs around me with all her strength and rammed me deep and stopped. I felt her pussy tighten again and that internal stroking begin as she started another strong “O”. I could not stop myself and knew I was over the edge.

We bucked against each other, forceful and with deliberate intent on maximum stimulation. Her internal spasms matched mine and we both came in a wave of fluid pulsing, totally wrapped in each other.

She held my cock in her as we came down from our sexual high while I stroked her breasts and kissed her neck. She pulled me close and we slid to the ground on her dress.

We finally uncoupled and she sucked my member for the precious juice she loved, then worked her finger into her pussy to retrieve even more. Oh she was a slut, I loved it.

I hiked up my pants and grabbed my shirt and she just laid there, licking fingers and spent.

lushgirl69 49F

10/20/2005 2:32 am

You know when I was in Vegas last time, I didn't have that much fun.........

lushgirl69 49F

10/21/2005 4:59 am

Point taken, dear sir....I always tip well, do maybe a repeat trip would serve me well.........

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