Taxi Fantasy Three: Diane Part Six  

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Taxi Fantasy Three: Diane Part Six

This pick up immediately where Taxi Fantasy Two left off.

I rolled a smoke and offered her one too which she accepted after retrieving her dress. I lit up two and proffered the toke, which she took after coming back into the cab. We smoked the butts in silence enjoying the afterglow and the lights of Las Vegas in the distance. I had not done that in a long time, man it felt good.

Once again this dame named Diane was in my cab, the meter running again and no destination in site. That would have to change soon, my shift was about up and I had to return the cab at a reasonable time.

“OK, you’ve convinced me you know Diane, my Diane. Oh yeah, you most certainly do. But I gotta turn in this taxi in about an hour, so it should be one last ride to get you where you need to be.”

The lady looked at me and didn’t say a word.

I went to turn over the engine and get going, somewhere. “Let’s stay here for a few more minutes please.” She looked like she was pondering the questions of the world, her face slightly changing as the thoughts raced through her head.

She took a last drag and flicked the butt out the window, “Your place close by?”

“Yeah, just a simple place, nothing fancy…”

“That’s fine, you have to call to get anyone out? Or can we just go there?”

“Nah, there’s no one there, I kicked the three Can Can girls out before I left for work.”

She looked at me and raise a quizzical eyebrow wondering if I was being straight or yanking her chain. I guess it didn’t matter, she just sat back and “Your place then, if you don’t mind?”

Mind? Who was I to complain for having a Diane back in my life. Those 11 months with my first Diane were some of the best times in my life, I would have to be crazy to refuse this one. Mind, hell no.

I turned over the engine to the cab, hit the meter and headed for home. I guess it was understood where I was taking her, she sat back and smiled, reliving our encounter of twenty minutes prior. I just drove, the silence was eerie, but needed for both of us.

I pulled into my place, hit the meter, showing the final fair. Diane found her purse and dropped the cash in my lap with included a healthy tip. I didn’t mind, after all I am for hire, service industry and all. I was a whore in a way and did not mind it a bit. I stashed the cash in my pocket and got out to grab her bag. She met me by the trunk and before I could open it she pulled me into her and kissed me. Her lips were firm and warm, her tongue greedily searching for mine and let her find it.

We orally fenced for a few minutes and I drew her close. She was getting revved up again, I should have known, but I did not have the time just now, I was already late for the yard. I broke it up and grabbed her bag.

She slid her hand into my jeans as we walked up to my place and I let her in. Living room, kitchen (a few beers in there is you wanted), bathroom (extra everything in case you want to freshen up) and of course the bedroom.

“If you find extra panties or something laying around, they’re mine… mementos you see.”

“Uh huh…”

“Yeah, rushed femmes from the Can Can Room last night.”

She started to pull me into the bedroom, but for the first time I broke my rule about women and being pulled and disengaged. “Not right now kitten, I got to turn in the hack, I’ll be back in about an hour, relax… there’s time.”


“No buts doll, I’ll be back in an hour” and I left her to fend for herself.

“693, third call.”

I grabbed the radio “693, go”

“693, you coming in any time soon?”

“693, yeah, at South Coast and clear. 693 out of service and heading for the yard.”

“693, that must have been one hell of a trip.”

“693, you can call it that. Not much of trip sheet but the totals are pretty good.”

“693, uh huh, ok, 693 out of service and heading to the yard. Tell me about it sometime 693, good story?”

“693, you say that again Angie, it may not be over.”

“693, maybe I don’t want to know after all. Dispatch out.”

I headed to the yard, totaled up as I went and cleared that cab as best as I could without getting out. Pulled in and gassed up and parked it. Made one last sweep and found the silk panties Diane had doffed and shoved them in a pocket. Pulled to together the eight hundred and change in cash and checked out. Not a bad night on the meter, even the drop girl was impressed.

“That was one local charter?”

“Sure was doll, never left Clark County.”

She gave a little whistle and I was out of there, across the street to my car and on the road back home in record time. Made the trip home in 20 minutes, not bad and no tickets, seems it was my lucky night all around.

The pad was dark when I came in, the only light was from the candles I had in my room for my seductions. I did not remember leaving them lit. I dropped my bag and jacket and head for the bedroom and there she was.

The candles in the room were all lit, infusing the room with the aroma of wild cherry. Diane had found the waterproof sheet I used for certain activities and spread it out over the bed. Over that she laid a cotton sheet and fluffed the pillows all around. She was laying in the center of the bed, seems she found the chocolate syrup and was having a bit of fun with it. As I walked in she dipped a finger into her navel coating it with chocolate and put it to her mouth. She made a show of it, and with a “pop” pulled it out. “Hungry for some dessert?”

“Sure am kitten.” I undressed and headed into the shower.

“Where are you going?”

“Did you shower?”


“Well doll, I have been driving all day, and as tempting as you are for dessert, I stink and would prefer to shower first. Hold you horses…” I have learned that women HATE to wait for anything, especially sex, but depending on the circumstance, waiting will either turn them off and make them leave or it will get them hornier and want it even more. If this was a Diane I wanted, the latter would be the result. Besides, I wanted a pleasant experience here, she had taken some time setting it all up, it would not do to foul the encounter with body odor. I showered quickly.

I came back in with a towel around my shoulders and nothing else. She was in the same position, but her fingers had been active, there was chocolate on her cunt now and it was longing for a taste. I picked up the squeeze bottle with the syrup, drizzled a little on her toes and legs, and went to work.

I sucked on each toe slowly, letting my tongue wash clean each last bit of the syrup. I paid particular attention to between the toes and move up to the ankles, all so slowly and deliberately as to heighten the sensation. I worked the chocolate into her calves and thighs then lapped it up in long sensual motions.

As I moved up I avoid her pouting and engorged chamber. I dipped fingers into the puddle in her navel and worked that into her breast ahead of my progress. I cleaned up the finger marks she had made around her pussy, licking the outside of her womanhood healthily, she shuddered. I moved up her pubes all the while my hands were kneading the sweetness into her breasts.

As I approached her navel I dived my face in, smearing syrup all over my chin, nose, lips and cheeks. Then I cleaned the area carefully not missing a drop. My tongue darted in and out of her belly button and she squirmed, I held her down forcefully, not letting her escape the torture of the tickle she was experiencing. Finally I moved up to tits and sucked on them. Slowly and gently at first make the nipple strain for hardness.

I sucked her nipple harder and harder knowing that the pain and pleasure would kick in, but being careful not to draw blood. She grabbed my head and forced it into her breast with a viciousness I hardly expected but enjoyed none the less. I open my mouth and attempted to take as much of her pert torpedo tits into my mouth and managed pretty well, letting my tongue swirl and flick the nipple all the while. One hand was on her other breast matching the motions of my tongue and the other was behind her, pulling her head back exposing her neck.

With another shudder, I let go of her breast and paid attention to the neck I had worked to expose. Still pulling her hair back kissed and licked it with abandon, pouring my feelings into it, enrapt in the moment. My free had teased her clit and she was writhing, moaning that she wanted me in her so badly. I refused to enter her, it was not time yet.

Her hands had been clutching the sheet and I forced her to let go having only me to grasp for support. As I darted a tongue into her ear I moved her hand to my cock, “You can touch this now, but only touch it” and she did. She fumbled for it, not having any view of my cock at all to orient on. But once she found it she started to lightly stroke it. “That is very good, use some of your pussy juice to moisten the cock. Yes…”

At this point she was so off balance, she had only me for support, one hand firmly and a bit cruelly under her head grasping her hair, the other grabbing her inner thigh pulling her into me. One of her hands was on mine, the one supporting her head, grasped strongly, the other free to get pussy juice and stroke my prick. She did it oh so well I had to reward her.

I dropped her at the thigh, grasped her by the shoulder and twisted her so her head was on my chest, all one fast harsh movement, and still I had not released her head and hair. I forced her head down to my cock and forced her mouth open and then my cock in hard, fast and deep. She choked on it but gained her composure. “If I feel too much tooth you will regret it!” She nodded under my hold and began to suck my cock like there was no tomorrow.

She wrapped her arms around me regaining her balance. As she worked my dick she probed my ass with one hand and stoked my balls with the other applying a world class blowjob. I felt that little tug in my balls that signaled I was getting close and pulled her off me. She looked up disappointed.

I helped her up to her knees and pulled her close and kissed her ravenously on the mouth, my tongue making inroads stronger than ever. We slid down to the bed and for the first time laid next to each other, limbs entangled. I reached for the massage oils and splashed a liberal amount between the two of us.

I pulled her closer using her body to rub the oils into me. I could feel every inch on her on my body and she could feel me too. We undulated and spread the oils completely over us, no part of us not slick with the fragrant almond oils.

As we slid over each other I positioned her over my manhood and slowly slid it in. Very slow at first, and that was all it took for her to have another orgasm. I felt that pulling on my cock that was so very nice and held it there, I was not ready to come yet.

As she finished her “O” I started to stroke it in deep, she moaned and begged me to fuck her harder, but I would not. She tried to buck but when she did I just stopped and rammed in deep forcing our hips together. With no friction there was little she could do in terms of forcing the issue, she just slipped around. I sat up with with my cock still in her and grabbed on of my little toys from the nightstand drawer.

With a twist it was on and I rubbed it over the two of us getting it all nice and lubed up. I pulled her on top of me and laid back and slid the little vibrator up her ass. She just about screamed, but it was a scream of pleasure. She came again, I just held her hard to my cock savoring the inner stroking I was getting.

I lost my grip on the little vibrator but she said not to worry about and we started fucking again with a little more pace. I could feel that toy buzzing inside her as we fucked and it was intense. The total contact of our bodies added to the sensation, slipping and sliding and bucking and fucking was to total experience and again her pussy tightened… “God this is going to be a big one!” She yelled. “God, FUCK ME, ME, DO IT, GOD FUCK ME!”

With the last of my strength I injected my cock as deeply as I could up her cunt. I felt like I had a twelve inch dong and was sliding it all home. I felt the back of her vagina against my dick and then over and over again. She trust herself on me and then held me deeply and I pushed it in as we both came as one. My cock spasming and her cunt grasping and stroking, I was in heaven. We both collapsed in a heap of oils, sweat and sex.

lushgirl69 49F

10/21/2005 5:05 am

chocolate....denying up the ass...oils sweat and sex...damn, sounds like you know how to have a good time.....
I slept most of the day yesterday...wish you were in Dallas to show me a good time.......God knows that I have the energy to expend today.....

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