Taxi Fantasy One; Diane Part Six  

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Taxi Fantasy One; Diane Part Six

This is a piece of fiction, or you could say that is it complete fantasy, but whatever you call it, it is interesting. I wrote this section in a noire feel. The old “Harry Canyons” or a Bogart feel, rough and tumble fifties stuff. This is a Diane story only in so far as she figures in one way, and how Diane figures in on future episodes. Enjoy…

... the radio dispatcher suddenly called my number ... "693, you have a call from Union for a pickup. She the woman at Amtrak arrivals" ... Hmm, why me? Must have been someone I had picked up before, I generally to don’t get 'personals', just dog the radio, but I have to pick this one up. "693, copy Amtrak arrivals, name of the faire?" I waited for dispatch for the last bit of information... "693, see Diane" ... "693 10/4".

Diane, ah, Diane, that name brought back memories. Memories of a dame that was a sexual explorer. She was one of those dames that a man knew he could never possess, but the ride was one of those that you never forgot. She would fuck at the drop of a hat, any hat. It did not matter where either, she was just horny, wanting it all the time.

So, now another Diane. It was not the name of course, millions of dames have that name, but for me, it was a name that was special because this dame from my past. It was another Diane, I knew that, not the one I would love to fuck again, just another Diane.

I pull my hack into Amtrak and start looking for the flagger that was my fair, no one waiting for my at the curb, probably inside on a bench. I cut the engine and headed inside.

I enter the waiting area and look over the scruffy crowd. Why did they all look as if they had been rung through a ringer after getting off a train? It was not as if they actually had to drive the thing, you would think they would be rested.

My eyes were drawn immediately to this dame in a 50's style skirt. She had her gams exposed just so. God I love nice legs, strike one. Her hair was shoulder length and auburn. Damn, there was strike two. But it was her eyes. Those bedroom eyes that to me said "come and do me, do me hard because I am a nasty little girl" that grabbed me, strike three. But it did not stop there. The classic cut dress on her was a knock out, oh she had it all and as she stood, I could get an eye full. You could say she turned me on.

"Someone call a cab?"

"I did." It was her.

"I gotta get a name..."

"Diane, I told them I was Diane."

"You sure did... ok I'm your ride."

"Oh, I know you are..."

She was hot, very hot and it all had to be a coincidence that she was exactly my type and with the name of Diane. I grabbed her bag and put it in the trunk of the hack and helped her in the car. She had the smell of Poison on her, it was killing me. I turned her, and put my hand on the small of her back, checking for a weapon (habit, it was a rough neighborhood, it was good to know who had a weapon when they got in) but I had the feeling her weapons were in plain sight and not very concealable. But I did cop the brief feel and the brush of her tits as she turned.

"So where to?"

"Anywhere ... just drive."

"That’s not how it works see. I have to have a destination."

"But I want to see the sites?"

"OK, tell you what, say 'charter', and we’ll be off... but I am going to have to see some green before I go."

"Fine, charter, is this enough?"

She flashed about $1000 bucks, nice fresh Franklins ready for my taking. "Yeah, that should cover it. What would you like to see first?"

"The Strip please..."

Of course The Strip. It was what every tourist wanted first. The Volcano, the Pirates, the Watershow, the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramid, and even Fremont Street at night. I hit the meter and started to roll, back out to Main, the cut over to The Strip.

"So where are you staying?"

"I haven't decided yet... what do you like?"

"Well if you are looking for a Strip hotel, I would go for The Venetian, very nice, excellent rooms and service... call it a personal favorite for many reasons."

"Many reasons? Like what? You that your women there?"

"You could say that, but not now."

"Not now?"

"Got my own place now, that was when I was visiting... You know."

"Yeah sure, I know."

So I drove her up and down the Strip. As night came on and the lights became vivid, she became restless. "Are you hungry? You still have not checked into a hotel..."

"Well, I could go for a bite... Anyplace good?"

"Depends on what you like..."

"Open for anything, upscale maybe..."

"Well, you can kill two birds with one stone... How about Pinot Brasserie, a modern French place. It's in the Venetian."

"Sounds good..." and so we went to the Venetian. I helped her out and offered to get her bag, she said to leave it in the cab. Then I said I would wait for her here, meet back at nine and we will pick up where we left off.

"Now how would it look for a single woman like me to go eat alone? Why don't you join me? You like it, yes?"

"Sure thing doll, I'll lock it up and throw on a tie... I may have one in my bag..."

"Never mind that, you’ll be fine..."

And so we went to one of my favorite restaurants and me looking as if I worked all day. Well I had, but not the point. We called in reservations and she wanted to hit the casino, so I followed. Forty minutes of slots, what a waste, but who was I to complain, I was being paid. Finally we sat for dinner.

"So, what do you do when you are not driving?"

"Not much actually, drink, chase the occasional skirt, typical guy stuff. Why do you ask?"

"Just curious. I was not sure who I was really looking at."

That was an odd statement, I was wondering whether to follow that one up with and snappy comeback, but the dessert showed up, raspberry tart with crème fresh, tasty.

"Well, I am just me, typical cabbie. Nothing much."

"That's not what I hear."

What? "OK doll, you’re going to have to explain that one."

"We have a common friend."

"We do huh? Who is that."

She reached under the table, ran her hand up my leg, and grabbed my cock. I was immediately hard. "Yeah, that's a friend, but not what we have in common... I hope."

"True, You remember Diane?"

"Yeah, she is sitting right in front of me and stroking my dick."

"Yes she is, and she told me all about you. That you are up to just about anything."

Well, that was true. As long as it was mostly legal, I was up for it. But she was talking about Diane, my Diane. The Diane that captured me years ago and left me a ruined man constantly looking for the dame that was as sexual free as she was. My Diane, the public exhibitionist. My first "older woman".

"Yeah, let me see... what was her last name, when I knew her?"

"Kayle. It's not that anymore, but Kayle when you knew her."

She was right, I would never forget that name, it was important to me. A kitten like my Diane stayed in you thoughts, you always wanted that kitten afterward. And if not the whole kitten, then at least her pussy.

"So, you know Diane? Then who am I talking to?"

"I am Diane also, we are friends. In our circle they call us the double D's and everyone gets a laugh. In fact we were both thinking on having the augmentation to make the double D's accurate." She tilted her head down and looked slyly at me, a little smile coming to her lips. “Or you could call her ‘Down’, as in ‘down for anything’, and me ‘Dirty’, as in ‘You dirty little bitch’ if you want to think of it that way.” She had Diane's magnetism that was certain. My cock wasn't complaining.

“I see, yeah Kitten, let’s see if you are my Diane, in all ways.” I looked around, everyone minding his or her own business, and offered the line, “Let’s blow this joint...”

And she did exactly what my Diane would have done. She slid off the chair and under the table. She worked the fly on my pants as if she had worn them forever, so comfortable with it, so easily done. She wormed a hand in and freed my member from it’s cloth confinement, and pounced on it with eager lips. God, it was true, it was DIANE, the oral technique was unmistakable! She sucked it so well, I swear I was back in college and my Diane were doing this. I had many of these desserts, Diane’s favorite way of ending a meal. It took me back.

It did not take me long to shoot my gun and reward this Diane with her salty prize, but by then there were a few looks coming my way. What is one to do, it is near impossible not to make a sound when cumming.

I felt Diane finish licking me clean and replace my cock in my jock. She zipped it deftly and squirmed up to the chair again. No one was looking now, but one couple was arguing about public displays of affection a few tables down.

Diane settled up and we got back in the cab...

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