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6/18/2005 4:11 pm

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TV Viewing...

I was reading another blog and she was mentioning that now that she has Cable Internet her TV Viewing has gone down. For me it happened a few years ago, I just stopped watching the idiot tube for any extended length of time. In fact since I have moved to Vegas I have not even bothered with cable at all and now rarely watch TV.

Want to know the interesting thing? I don't miss it. This is not to say I do not watch the video medium at all, but rather I watch select programming on DVD. Now that there are TV series on DVD I can select what I want to watch, it is all commercial free, and exactly what I want.

Recently I have watched all of Babylon 5 again. If you have not checked this show out (obviously available on DVD) you should. It is possible the best-written Science Fiction series made. The story is good and the characters are great.

Other things in my collection, 24, West Wing, Law and Order, Twin Peaks, SciFi Channel Dune, and a few other select series. As for movies, well, I was a victim of theft recently and about 250 movies we stolen along with thousands of CD's. (Time to build the collection back up.)

The only thing I really miss about watching TV is the news channels; I like to stay informed, so now I supplement my News Fix with MSNBC, CNN, Salon and other news sources on the net.

TV Viewing, I don't miss it.

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6/18/2005 5:24 pm


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6/18/2005 7:26 pm

Hmmm, wonder whose blog you were reading? Katey, what's funny about my TV viewing is it was all using an attena. Of course, I didn't get Fox or NBC in very well, but oh well. I have to say it did turn me into a WB junkie for bit. And CBS came in fine and I didn't have to miss my CSI. And PBS is always clear so I could always see my Britcoms on the weekends. Now I barely turn the dang thing on. Course, if the TV was next to the computer or the computer faced the TV, maybe I'd have it on more often. Oh well, no loss.
Better things to do. And I still take time to read, just need new books.

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