Skanky Proposition  

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1/19/2006 6:13 pm

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Skanky Proposition

I had a first today. A streetwalker approached me on the way into the Cab Yard to pick up some paperwork. She was thin, rough hair, and looked like she had been on the street way too much for her young years. Also, there was the looks of drug use and abuse. She was a type I was totally not attracted to, but…

She offered to lay down for $45, and the dog in me started howling… “Ya know man, you could hit and forget it and who the hell would care!” And that started a lightning fast internal debate.

“Yeah, but talk about your double bagger…”

“So what, some practically free pussy to start your day…”

“You know what disease must be waiting in that thing?”

“Trojans man… you’ll be fine.”

“But do I really want it that bad?”

“Hey, have you ever done it?”

“Picked up a skank from the street?”

“Yeah, picked up a totally disposable skank from the street… could be fun, it certainly would be illicit.”

“There is that…”

“Think about the fun of the danger of it all…”

“Maybe too much danger… longer range…”

“Live for the now…”

“But I do want to live for tomorrow too. Besides, if I am going to pay for it, I want a bit better than that and would be willing to pay more for quality.”

And that ended the internal debate and I blew her off. But it did tell me something about myself, I would consider it and in fact did and there was a thrill there. I had always thought that guys that picked up a slut from the street were deviants, but now I see that there is a sexual thrill there, and one that is totally guilt free once all is said and done.

After all, it is all about the sex and nothing else. You are not forming ties with this person, you are there just for the sex and that is all. Talk about a freeing experience, you would not have to worry that the other person was happy, it would be all about you.

So yeah… I considered it.

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