Sensualist on Sensualism  

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6/10/2005 6:56 pm

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Sensualist on Sensualism

Can a relationship be based purely on sensual terms? This is a question I have been asking myself over the last few days, and I do not know.

Surely a short term relationship can. When two people meet, two sensualist, I have to admit the sparks fly. Just two nights ago I had an experience with another sensualist that was absolutely mind blowing. I have rarely felt so good and so intense in my life and it begs the question, can a long term relationship be based on this alone?

Certainly it is a good start, after all, we do have this in common, we can never get enough of the sensual experience. I can think of worse beginnings, but as a start it is positive. We continue to get to know each other, this is good and so far there are no turn off's, no deal breakers. But then again, we have only known each other for four days and had but a single encounter. Is it too early? Again, am I being a fool?

I do know this, we both agree that if this is just a short term thing, we are both going to have it as a cherished memory. I like that. There is something satisfying knowing that I am part of someone else's cherished thoughts. I know I am being a romantic again, but I don't care.

So a confession. If my life were made up of a string of sensual encounters, then I could live with that. I could take all the other little disappointments that come with finding these incredible sensual encounters and throw them from my memory and just be content with the string of moments of sheer bliss.

So it begs the next question. How many sensualist are there out in the great big world? How many people are out there looking not just for sex, but for a sybaritic moment? How many women are sensualists? How many men are sensualists? Are there statistics on this? (Maybe I have a new psyche study in hand.) What make a person recognize that they are a sensualist.

(For those who may have not gotten it, sex is a large part of sensualism.)

Thus I change my path slightly and seek other sensualist specifically for encounters that can really be life shaping. Will the search look any different than what I am doing now? I doubt it, but one must have priorities.

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