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8/6/2005 3:51 pm

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New Bio

Bios are such self serving things, especially when you have to write them yourself. So that being the case, I will start from the beginning...

I was born in Los Angeles on a cloudy and rainy day, I remember it well, especially that crack on the ass. Hey I guess I deserved it, my mom was crying out in all kinds of pain, so I guess I was a bad boy from second one! That's how I got the stigma of black sheep in the family.

The next day I was taken home and put into a barrel where I was cleaned, fed, and educated through the bung hole. Again, I remember those 18 years well.

After that they pulled the nails from the barrel, dumped a bucket of water on me and then shaved everything off and set me loose on the world, never to look back on the kindness of my upbringing.

Boy it was fortunate that I found that van down by the river with the keys in it ready to drive, otherwise I would not have had a place to live. I do wonder why that fat guy was chasing me as I was driving away though. Maybe he wanted all those self motivation books back.

I promptly took various odd job to support myself in college and the dating scene. I admit I was a bit of a nerd, after al I had never really layed eyes on a woman, so it was all experiementation for a while till I figured out how to be with that species and not get slapped. I guess I am better at it now, they slap a heck of a lot less often.

My carreer has been a mixture of retail sales and management, computer technician and programmer, artist and advocate, shyster and insurance salesman, and general roust-about. Currently I am doing things like filling and rearranging beer displays, working on computers and writing science fiction short stories, lecturing at UNLV on Artificial Intelligence as pertaining to cognitive pyschology, and collect circada for the Clark County Vector Control department (they are very tasty in a Merlot sauce.)

And that just about rounds out who I am, except that I have a daughter, sing barbershop and opera, do photography, tell stories, drive, have an ex, have a girlfriend, sit around in bars, blog sometimes, collect interesting biological specimens, like ectoplasm and wander about aimlessly.

See just you ordinary barrel raised citizen.

sincitybrunette 55F
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8/7/2005 12:48 pm

well you sound pretty normal to me considering the barrel upbringing. kudos for overcoming all the darkness and finding your way into the light. next time you need someone to pull the nails out and hit you with a bucket of me

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