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Mystic Email

An actual email I sent...

Dear *******,

[The Vision Begins]

Indeed, your eyes have mesmerized me, and the counter spell is elusive and possibly unwanted. For why would one want to remove the stars and universal vision that can beheld in the face of such an elder soul.

Tonight I will return to my tower and ponder the vision that is before me, the depth of your eyes. Indeed, if the eyes are the gateway to the soul, is this the soul that I have found on the journey through this life, or will I have to wait for another life to fulfill my destiny? I will have to take action, for Key 10 is upon me and unless I act, it may not be until the next cycle that we can unite…

So, I sanctify my chamber, invoking the Lord and Lady, purifying the ethers with sage and sandalwood (for these have worked for me in the past, I know through experimentation.) I face the four towers and call upon the northern most to guide my coming endeavor. My quest is clarity of vision. Has my thread finally intertwined with the one I seek? Shall our threads be intertwined through the rest of this world, or is this not to be?

I lay upon my bed once invocation is complete, my wand to the left, my sacred weapon to the right, and finally my protective amulet resting between my breasts. My eyes close and I meditate sending my spirit to greet the guide I know so well. KaTehAhTet, the eagle, is immediately here like so many times before soaring high above to trace my path.

The sparse plain becomes a forest and I feel the spirits around me. They tug at me, but I am prepared, I have traveled this path before, maybe not in this life, but certainly others. With a Word my path is cleared of the malcontents that would hinder my quest. The path clears to a crystal pool; the One is there on a sand bar robed in light blue and silver. The moon is directly above and its’ light glistens upon the faint ripples of the indigo waters.

I need not speak; She knows the answers before I can ask, so I only wait.

She raises an olive wood rod and twin serpents wrap about it splitting the top creating the Staff of Asclepius. She lays this upon the still waters. I step into the cool liquid but as I try the commotion I create disturbs the staff and it begins to sink. KaTeh plucks the icon before it can completely submerge and brings it to me.

As I hold the staff and return my gaze to the One to get a glimpse of her countenance, She is gone.

I hold the staff before me and feel the energy within, but not the knowledge I seek. I wave the staff only to and find I am back on dry ground, but still there is no additional vision. I kneel to the north, place the heel of the staff on the firmament and the forked top to my bowing forehead…

I awake with a gasp and find my wand now in my hand touching my forehead. It is warm to the touch and the unicursal hexagram is emitting a slight silver glow from under its’ binding. I rise and dispatch the circle, replace my tools and relight the one candle that is my sheltering dome. Did I get an answer? I am unsure, maybe time will tell.

[The Vision Ends]

To you I dedicate this missive, an art for you and you alone. A meditative piece of stream of consciousness.

I too know the devil, he has tempted me on paths before and I have been strong. I have recently risen from ashes of my own, and now I am stronger. Like fine tempered steel I have left the fires stronger for the experience and am more complete.

I have honed my skills of healing, for I have had to heal myself first before others can be healed. I have learned from recent experience that sometimes the longer path is worth the journey. I know the craft of hand and spirit now better than at any point in my previous life. I know that two can share energy through touch and word if the adept is skilled enough.

One soul can soar, but what heights can two attain? This is a question, one of many, that propels me down the path I am taking. I shout these questions to the world, I am waiting for it to answer. Will you whisper the answers into my ear?

"Love under will shall be the whole of the Law"

You pose the question, am I the real Mage? I know I am NOT Eros or Kama or Yarilo. I do know that I am a man. A man looking to share a path with the right person. A man who has learned many things on the path that I have already traveled. Since "A Mage" can be interpreted as "A Learned Man" and not just a worker of magik, then yes, I am the real thing. The fact that I worked and do work magik (though seldom ceremonially any more) is just implementation of the knowledge I have attained. Smoke and mirrors are for prestidigitators, these are false people and not who I am. I am a simple man with simple needs but a longing for the search to all the answers that this life can supply. One search is for the soul who is my compliment.

I am glad I caught your eye and you like my pics. Being a simple man, I was wondering, what was the other thing that caught your eye about me? (some times we are blind to our own appearances.)

If it pleases you, I appreciate the depth of your response to me and thus have formed this email in return in the hope you will likewise look favorably towards this soul. I long to talk to you, to see you and from there only the Fates know.

Also know, I have enjoyed greatly in the creation of this letter and know that I am not always this "serious". I have never gotten this poetic in a response to an AdultFriendFinder member. It is wonderful and I hope you think so too.

So you know, there is humor here as well and it comes out often. So, to paraphrase Prince... "Let's Go Crazy! Let's Get Nuts..."


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