Merry Met  

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10/31/2005 10:32 pm

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Merry Met

Once again we celebrate the yearly night where the vail between the lands of the living and the dead is at its’ thinnest. Summer passes into Winter and we hope that the work we have done in the last six months will see us through to the dawning of spring. We remember the friends and family that we lost in the last year and invite them to share with us in the forms that they can take or none at all.

We leverage the thin vail and ask for prognostication’s from powers beyond. We seek knowledge and pray for good tidings. We dance, we indulge, and sacrifice all in thanksgiving and return some of our bounty in that thanks.

We protect ourselves from the malign spirits by spreading sweet offerings for then at the edge of our town, leaving treats so the evil ones will not play tricks on us.

Masks and garb are adorn in honor of the spirits of the animals we have taken, the people who have passed, the one we fear and the ones we respect.

Halloween, All Hallows Eve, So-wen. We as humans have a deep need for this celebration and no matter how hard the powers that be want to eliminate it, we have always celebrated it. It does seem to be part of our natures.

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