Maybe I need advice...  

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6/6/2005 3:56 pm

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Maybe I need advice...

I was wondering, just how do you sift through people on these dating sites? What are you looking for? I thought I knew, but apparently I don't.

You see it is like this, I know I can not know the person I am exchanging emails with till I meet them, but hell, there have to be clues that they are not who they seem to be. I mean, a phone call does not seem to do it either. Or a photo.

In retrospect there should have been clues I guess. The roomie is another guy. No car or wants to talk only over the Internet (fine I guess). But do I ask these questions straight away? Put them into my profile? Am I really concern that they have a college degree? (Hell, if that standard were applied to me I would be shot down every time. Not having a degree has not stopped me from being successful, so why should I base a decision about another person on this criteria.)

Look, I am as horny as the next guy, and to be perfectly honest the net I am casting needs to be pretty broad to get any feminine attention. I think I am a pretty straight forward person, so why can't others be that way too? Is it that they think they are undesireable and want to deceive potential dates just to get the date? I am a pretty open minded person and I do not base my estimation of a person purely on the way they look. I like to see that the person is using a brain and not just driving in neutral though life. I thought a good email conversation would do that, I mean you can gage some intelligence on the vocabulary they use or the topics they choose to discuss. I am not looking for a quantum physicist, but someone who can have a coherent conversation.

Maybe I am taking this too logically? Or maybe too emotionally. I admit, I get caught up in the moment. I like the thrill of meeting people, but maybe, just maybe they don't hold the same thrill in their hearts.

So what's a poor slob to do... I just can't be any more open and honest, but I just I have to accept that others can certainly be less so. Sad.

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