Lunch Time Quickie  

rm_harshawj 51M
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8/17/2005 1:01 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Lunch Time Quickie

OK, so you got that hour between you and you main squeeze worked out and you can meet for about 45 minutes. Question: Do you actually eat anything? I would normally say you have a much better meal in mind when these little rendevous, a meal of sensual pleasures, but really is there time for food.

Fast Food Fling: Meet at a McDonald’s or Wendy’s and order the combo, munch on that for about 20 minutes and then meet in the mens restroom. Why the mens rest room? Because if someone else comes in it will be a guy and he won’t say anything while all the banging is going on. Do your thing in a stall and when you are done be sure to flush… that last is important.

Room Service: If you can find a room for an hour that has room service be sure to call in the food before you actually get there. Get there, (order something messy) strip, play with the food and fuck like rabbits. Fortuanately there is a shower there and you should have just enough time for this before you have to be back to work… and you may even eat a strawberry or two from your SO’s private parts and get some nutrition (certainly she will get some protien for lunch.)

Home Base Hike Up: We all generally live further from work than we would like and by the time you would be, you have to turn around and go back. But there is time for the “Home Base Hike Up” where you just do it right there in the hall or kitchen or against the wall and all you have to is to drop draws and hike her onto your member. Fast, furious, and a ton of fun. And if you have a keeper, she may even have packed you a brown bag for the ride back to work.

Park and Ride: Simple, find a park and let her ride. This has two variations, one is in the car or the other is a short picnic with a nice dessert. Either way going back to work will be fun.

Office Openings: A modification on the picnic idea. One of you meets the other at the office with a nice picnic lunch to be spread out over the desk. Sure go ahead and eat, or you can lock the door and really enjoy your lunch. If the office empties out like so many I know do, you could even get a bit roudy. Either way this is exhilerating sex, and leaves the office with a pleasant aroma to remind you for the rest of the day. (After Hours Sex is great too, but you get the whole office to choose from, usually the CEO office and the nice leather chairs there too.)

The opportunities are great and there is nothing like that bit of lunch time exercise to really perk up your day.

redmustang91 57M  
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8/17/2005 1:40 pm

I prefer a hotel room and taking a few hours to do the sex right!
Reminds me of that old joke: The young bull says see those cows, lets run down hill and fuck one! The older bull says, lets walk down and fuck them all!

five_speed 41M

8/17/2005 6:15 pm

I love a nooner. Makes the morning wait worth it and the afternoon after not so bad at all. I prefer an arrangement that gives me as much time to enjoy lunch as possible and still have a few mintues alone in the car to get the goofy "I just had my brains fucked out" grin off my face before I get back to the office.

wyvernrose 38F
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8/17/2005 6:59 pm

oh yeah I hate quickies


lushgirl69 49F

8/17/2005 7:35 pm

I know my preference, that is, when it comes to quickies, is the bend me over the couch and give it to me like you mean it variety. Short and sweet with a slap on the ass on the way out the door. These are usually early in the morning. You're probably already running late, spilling coffee, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes, but, DAMN, looking at that ass..........I know I usually roll over and try to instigate this scenario from the time the third snooze alarm goes off. The rush of NOW... NOW...NOW...
I even bet if you slip her a reach-around, she'll give you a killer blow job when you get home from work!

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