Katrina Devastation Part Two  

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9/2/2005 12:07 pm

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Katrina Devastation Part Two

This is an opinion. It is not meant to be an attack any group of people, but rather to shine a light on a problem in this country that is more rampant than we may have guessed.

As the media is covering the disaster that is New Orleans we are seeing scenes of people in great distress. Most of the scenes are featuring people of dark skin and ethnic origin. The reason for this is rather simple; the population of New Orleans is prominently ethnic and black. The areas hardest hit are poorer area well below sea level and thus we see many more dark skinned people than Caucasians. This has lead to a very bad assumption.

Today some black leaders have averred that the slowness of relief was because the needy people are of color. This is so wrong. Do any of the leaders really know the scope of the problem here? It is not like in Los Angeles after the 1994 Earthquake where roads were accessible (albeit precariously) and the major damage confined to a rather small area.

Katrina took the region by surprise and admittedly, they were not ready for that scale of destruction that happened. In fact, it the levee system of New Orleans had not failed this would not be nearly the issue it is. In fact look at the news footage, it is mostly of New Orleans, surrounding areas while hard hit are not in as desperate a situation.

But it takes time to mount a relief. This is not something that happen in a day, but rather weeks. In fact in LA after the ’94 quake, it was days before the National Guard made itself known. We as citizens had to police ourselves from looters.

But the assumption here that slowness of relief is because the skin color of the people affected is prominently dark is ridiculous. In fact, the rescuing faces on the news are generally light skinned. The government is doing what it can, private sector is helping in a big way, but it has nothing to do with skin color, it has to do with scope of the disaster.

How dare black leaders push for further entitlements using this disaster as an excuse. Black leaders are not helping by suggesting this, they are only hurting by promoting racist feelings in a time where people need to work together. What they should be doing is telling their constituents to be strong, work as best they can to help themselves and be proactive, not to just wait for help. They should be encouraging people to move to higher ground, places where the army can provide tents and support for the displaced. Encouraging people to be calm and law abiding and work with civil authorities. But to promote an attitude of racism at this point only does a disservice to the agenda they are trying to promote.

It angers me to see this type of political posturing during a time of crisis. Shame on all politician no matter the persuasion for attempting to politicize this situation. Shame on you all for you do not realize how you have hurt yourselves and your constituents.

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