Katrina's Devastation Part Six  

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9/3/2005 1:13 pm

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Katrina's Devastation Part Six

What has more wind and spin than a hurricane? The media.

We all watch the horrible images from the disaster areas along the Gulf Coast, but what is bothering me more and more is the fact that we are seeing the SAME images over and over again from the disaster zone. And it is not as though the images are nice images, they are in fact disturbing, showing people at their worst.

Why? Why is it the networks show these terrible images repeatedly? Does it not seem to most that images of hope are what is called for. In a time when everything is so dark, it would be wonderful to see the images of human strength and perseverance. But the networks are not interested in the good side of the disaster, but only the bad aspects of human nature when pressed to an extreme. This salaciousness is what sells time and advertising I guess and so this is what they broadcast.

Over the last few days the media has had a field day slamming President Bush for not doing anything any sooner. Well guess what… as they go to the experts they are all saying that there really was nothing more he could have done, it was not feasible to move more supplies in the middle of a storm. Slow and painful admissions on the media’s part that they may have overstated the case for Presidential negligence have been forth coming when you watch the reports closely.

Likewise, the supposition that support to the disaster area was slow because the majority of the citizens were black is now being countered with retorts of that very notion. The media backtracks on a stance when they see they are beginning to become politically blasé and shift to newer stances. They are fickle and spin whatever it is that people want to hear.

But let us not put this all on just the US media, no. Middle east media reports the disaster as if the storm were the hand of god to strike us down, and again there is partying in the streets in the middle east at our distress, just like on September 11, 2001. Foreign media spins the situation to it’s political views, showing the US as a dictator in Iran, unwilling to help our own people while denigrating the people of Iraq. “Better to stay in Iraq than to help our own people.” Obviously a misinformed opinion, but what can we do.

So, when watching all this coverage remember what a particular MSNBC commentator said, “You are seeing this through a straw, and only what is at the bottom of the glass” and consider what you are seeing.

papyrina 51F
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9/6/2005 12:46 pm

Iran has offered to send over ships full of petrol,In Europe the news is fairly balanced and all offering to help.Here in greece where there not too fond of the states due to past history(Greek dictaitorship and cyprus)Even tiny poor Afganistan has offered 100,000 which is a small amount but all the same its help.

Media around the world will always show what it can sell and the States i can assure you is worse than most.

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