Katrina's Devastation Part Four  

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9/2/2005 1:51 pm

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Katrina's Devastation Part Four

Now the pundits start. Who is at fault for Katrina? Is it the President? Is it bad emergency planning? Bad engineering on the levee’s in New Orleans? Is it the militaries fault for not having enough people to help? Is it the fault of foreign countries for not sending aid? Is it the rest of the countries fault for not sending emergency services and food stuffs? Is it Walmart’s fault for not having enough stores to be looted? Who cares.

The brunt of the blame is being laid at President Bush’s feet. Why? Did he send in the hurricane to start it all? I don’t think so. Has he been slow to act? Who could he really have been faster? Really, he is just one person, and even with all that power that he controls I do not think that he could have sped relief any faster.

The say he should have known better. How? Katrina was MAYBE a category one before hitting New Orleans and then jumped up VERY quickly to a category three. There was no time to make plans in the already inclement weather to do additional preparations. Hell, Katrina was not even classified a category four until after it made landfall. What exactly would you have had the President do? Was he supposed to look into a crystal ball and fore see that this category one hurricane would do what it finally did?

Afterward they say he did nothing. Ok, he called out the National Guard and FEMA and they started operations as they always do, well rehearsed and to the best of their ability. We did not even know the level of damage until the next day, and then calls were already being made to neighboring states for aid. What else could he do?

Could he personally have fixed a broken levee? No. Was he supposed to pull troops back from Iraq? Why? By the time they would get back the damage would be done and there is nothing more they (the US Iraq-based troops) would be able to do. Besides, that would cause more problems in the middle-east than would be solved on the homeland. Was he over extending himself because we have troops in the middle-east? No, come on. Besides, was he supposed to know Katrina was going to hit three years ago? This is all more political bullshit.

If there is blame to be placed I would have to guess that it is with the civil engineers that deemed the levee’s of New Orleans should only withstand a category three hurricane. To me, would it not be wise to protect your city against the worst that Mother Nature could throw at you? After all, if the levee had stood there still would have been devastation, but it would not be to the magnitude that we are looking at now. So, the millions they saved on the levee’s they build are now counted against the billions in damage as it failed and the cost of the lives that were lost. Who is to blame again?

But when it all comes down to it there really is no one to blame. Mother Nature is stronger than we can suspect and Katrina was a flexing of Mother Natures muscles. Nature can erode mountains, make oceans, clean anything off its’ surface, what makes any of us think that any of our cities are nothing more than temporary monuments to our own aggrandizement?

So let’s stop the finger pointing and clean up. It will not be the last time that we have to do that, so let’s just stop complaining.

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