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6/13/2005 9:04 pm

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Email Replies as Art

If you had not figured it out, I kinda take the Prince Philip thing a bit seriously. It is a wonderful and fun persona to portray as long as you are not as harsh as Prince Philip to poor Beauty. In any case, the gentle "Princely" manners are a lot of fun, and I do so enjoy responding that way. So, without mentioning names, here is another response I once made...

Princess Aurora,

Did you know that another word for Dawn is Aurora? So how is it that you are both Dawn and Princes Aurora? Is it a miracle or simply the universe telling us that we two should indeed get to know each other? Is it chance? Maybe, but you never know.

To answer your headlining question, yes, there are grownups out there. They do exist, and in fact at least one other resides in Las Vegas, not too far from you. I find it amazing, that there can be a good thing, very close and you may never find it, even though it may be just around the corner.

It is with sadness that I learn of your encounters with toads in abundance. Am I to be just another frog or you prince? That is yet to be determined. But I will say this, it is at least a charming introduction thus far.

Since you have read my profile, you thus know who I am. I could hardly have stated it more simply except to say that "I am a real person, and I am what I am." But that simplistic description hardly describes me. I must admit I am glad I intrigue you, for intriguing conversation is essential to getting to know someone and getting to know that someone is possibly the most important thing on the paths we travel.

Fair Princess, apologies are hardly needed for timing issues, you responded when you did and that is by far and away good enough. After all, if things are meant to be, they are meant to be and a day or two is of no real account in the grand scheme of things.

As for your experience with the Big Toad in your life, I too have seen just the reverse, a Princess thus grow into a toad and a warty one at that, so I can commiserate with you on that account. We are sometimes blinded by the Magic and Promise of love and thus do not see what will be, if anyone can really see into the future at all.

But alas, I am coming up the 2500 character limit of this missive (allowed by this service) and must curtail further musing for another note. Please know that I have taken great enjoyment in responding to you and I hope that you are charmed in return by this reply (a little magic I have worked for you).

Be it known that I have added you to the service of Yahoo and hope to see you online at some point in the near future.

Till we are Merry Met...

Jeff, Your Prince Philip

PS... I hope you have read the books, for such talk can be fun! <slightly evil grin>

Boy this can be fun indeed!

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