Diane Part Two  

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8/26/2005 2:18 pm

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Diane Part Two

Like I said Diane was into exhibitionism and shameless about it. But there was almost one time that we could have been really busted, but Diane has a way with people, so we were ok, on the Pacific Coast Highway at least.

Pacific Coast Highway:

Diane and I were taking a late night drive along the coast in hopes of finding a nice place to fuck near the or even in the surf. The “From Here to Eternity” thing was going through her head and she wanted to play it out. I told her that scene was shot at Leo Cabrio Beach, not to far outside of LA and if she want to really do it, then there would be no better place… nice a private. The last didn’t matter to her much. But I would have been a bit happier with the privacy.

Our problem was not finding the spot, but getting down there safely. It was 1am and a moonless night, and I did not feel like falling to my death off the cliffs in the area. Fortunately she agreed. But she was getting more and more horny by the minute. Finally she just grabbed my arm and started to strip me in front of the car. Well, the car was parked on the highway, US 1, PCH, and even at 1am there were still people going by.

Didn’t matter, she wanted to get fucked and who was I to say no. She just had that way about her, she wants sex, I provide it. Didn’t matter to her where or when, she just wanted it. So we started at it on the hood of may car.

She had a habit of throwing her clothing just anywhere, and tonight was no different. All over PCH were our cloths and people were passing by spreading them up and down PCH. Of course there was your honking from appreciative onlookers (driving by nice and slow and once backing up to get an eyeful) and the obligatory visit by the beat highway patrol officer.

Fortunately Mr. CHiPs came as we were finishing up, but I tell you, an “And what exactly do you think you’re up to?” kills the mood real quick. Diane of course did not care. “Fucking my boyfriend, thanks for asking” was Dianes’ response. I thought we were both busted.

“Those your cloths littered all over the road?” says Mr. CHiPs, but Diane gets a grin in her eye and jumps off me. “Yep…” and bends over to pick up the closest piece, her bra think, give CHiPs a real good look at her ass and swollen pussy. She then turn around and says “You want to help me get it on or should I get you off?” I almost died. I though we were through.

The next thing I hear is her sucking. She has Mr. CHiPs dork in her mouth and doing a good job of it. I do not know where she learned it, but Diane gave the best blow jobs I have ever had, then or since. Mr. CHiPs did not last long and a few minutes later we got a warning for being illegally parked and he left us.

We got sorta dressed (I say sorta because clothing always seemed to be missing after things like these) and laughed all the way home. Apparently Mr. CHiPs had a small wanger and compensated with trying to be tough, but that didn’t work on Diane, and she laughed about it all the way home.

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