Diane Part One  

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8/26/2005 12:15 pm

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Diane Part One

I would suppose that there is someone in all our lives that we remember and have interesting stories about. For me, when I was becoming sexually active at the beginning of my college career it was Diane. Diane was the most sexually adventurous person I have ever met. Her particular kink was exhibitionism. There were two scenes that for me still play out in my mind. Here is the first.

TJ Donkey Cart:

Diane, Wendy, Debra and I were all on spring break at the same time so we figured that we would go somewhere to have a good time. Since we were all under 21 in a state with a legal drinking age of 21 we decided to go somewhere more amenable to our younger ages. Tijuana sounded good and only a couple hours away.

We got down to the boarder and parked on the US side and walked into Mexico. Not a big deal and headed for Revolution Avenue for some fun, shopping and drinking. Now can you imagine the scene, me, this average guy, walking through TJ with three women. Needless to say that I was getting looks from every other college guy there, all wondering how I rated such treatment. I was soon to find out how I rated such treatment.

The three of us were all very open sexually, I had been with all three at one time or another and enjoyed them all, and lucky enough, they all enjoyed each other too (but that is another story.) In fact just our strutting down the TJ streets was a sexual thing, we had our hands all over each other. It was rather obscene, but who really cares in Mexico, certainly not the cops, and if they did, $40.00 was a good way for making them not care.

Anyway, down the main street there are al sort of oddities to be seen, peep shows, strip clubs, donkey shows, you name it, you can see it all. One of the things is the simple donkey cart, you know, for $5.00 put your kid in the seat and take a picture with the Mexican and his Donkey, all very quaint. Well, Diane had a different idea.

The three of them huddle and Debra and Wendy announce they are going to get something to eat. Diane just grabs me and tells them to meet down the street in 20 minutes or so. Being pulled by Diane is something you just let happen, otherwise you will hear it latter and so I gave into the inevitable. A block back was one of those donkey carts. She set me on the sidewalk, went over to the “cart man”, gave him some money, then came back for me.

“What’s up?” I asked. “Come on stud… time to do what your good for” was what I got our of her. She led me to the cart and peeled back the tarp and told me to get in. Sure no problem, we got into the cart. Immediately she started to take down my pants, grabbing for my cox. When she freed my member she started sucking on it, bringing it to attention. Back then a stiff breeze would bring it to attention, so it did not take long. Once she had me good and rigid, she stripped off her panties throwing them over the tarp and into the street. “Fuck me… fuck me right now…”

Well, what is one to do, I fucked her, right them, right there, and right hard. We had that little cart rocking and shaking immediately. We could hear whispers, cat calls, shouts and cheers from outside the cart, but who cared. She was so hot, so wet, so horny I could not have possibly cared who or even what was outside the cart. After a few minutes it was al I could do to control myself, I was not going to last long, but then again, I was not ready for any of this.

We got very vocal very fast and the crowd outside was shouting, “Do Her, Do Her, Do Her”. We both came hard and fast and everyone could hear, Diane was a screamer, and when she screams EVERYONE knows it. Everyone knew it…

We finally gathered ourselves together, buckled, zipped, and buttoned up, arranged hair and wiped off sweat, and made our way out of the cramped donkey cart and the crowd cheered and went nuts. There was beer everywhere for me and Diane, and Wendy and Debra where there to kiss us as we came off the cart. What an experience.

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