Diane Part Four  

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Diane Part Four

There are two more encounters with Diane that still have a place in my mind, but both are not strictly a “Diane” story. They have Diane in them, but there are other players, so I relate these with the proviso that they are “Diane and Company” stories. Also, since I was just talking about recurring fantasies, these two stories are a guys reliable standby’s, and yes, I want repeats with these. Maybe not the same configuration, but repeats none the less.

Tijuana Spring Break:
If there is one thing Mexico is good for that is Tequila. Good Mexican Tequila is one of those alcohols that seem to sneak up on you and make just about anything happen.

After the TJ Donkey Cart escapade Diane, Wendy, Debra and I continued to explore the sites of Tijuana and had a great time. I got several mementos from that trip, one of which is still hanging on my wall. We visited countless vendor stalls, bakeries, watched street actors, all the while fondling each other as we walked down the streets. As I said, we were a site to see.

If there is one thing you can find in abundance there is it strip/sex clubs. For $30 and $10 extra for a room you can pick up a sweet Mexican senorita and bang her to your hearts content, and they enjoy it. So, you know that we ended up in one of these dives.

I think it was called Sexo Caliente, and for a Mexican dive it was not too bad. The music was load and American, the booze was flowing and cheap, and the “hostesses” were open and willing. We danced and drank there for several hours before the real fun started happening.

Now here was the rub… the following was initiated by Wendy, and for Wendy, this is really living on the edge. When she opens up, she really does, but for the most part she is publicly conservative.

We all sat down after some dancing and two sweet Mexican “hostesses” came over and sat with us. They told us that they have a special treat for us since we seemed like such nice “American Friends”. I was not sure what she meant by that, but I was in no mood to care. I had Diane stroking my chest and Debra had her hand down my pants making me feel rather friendly. So, these two started grabbing all four of us and dragged us down a hall. (Again, I have learned, when you are pulled by a woman like that, give in, it does no use to argue.)

So down the hall we went being lead by our two new friends (BTW, I never did get there names) and into a private room. The room was an orgy room, complete with huge bed, cheap mirrors, ugly red velvet, pillows everywhere, bottles of liquor of all types, rolled herbs of several varieties, and a bowl of condoms on the end-table. For all the seedy look of the place though, it was clean and that was a comfort. “You’ve been dancing all so much, you should take a shower, relax…” and the newcomers started to undress us all, and themselves.

I may have been young but I was not dumb, one of my posse had set this little party up, so who was I to argue it. And for the next five minutes we all had fun undressing each other, stroking each other provocatively, kissing and tonguing, and being naughty in a youthful way. We headed into the shower big enough to fit three of us at a time, oddly, I was never out of the shower as they all took turns letting me soap them up, feel all their sudsie breasts and slippery asses. Even our two senorita were fun to play with. They certainly seemed to know how to handle a man well enough, stroking just right all over to entice, but not too much to get me really going.

The stack of towels was well used by the time we got out of the shower, so I toweled off with a damp one and headed back to the seraglio where Wendy had already sparked up a large doobie. Debra and Diane and our two friends were pouring drinks and getting lit too, the joint being passed around liberally. It did not take long before I was pulled onto the bed and with a drink in hand and a hit inhaled. The world was becoming a place of sheer sensual bliss and I no longer cared that the surroundings were so seedy. I can tell, none of the others did either.

Some time later, everyone laying on the bed (it was a big bed) things started to pick up as the buzz overtook us all. For the first time I saw my girls in their true, uninhibited state, Debra was licking Dianes breasts, Diane was kissing Wendy’s pussy and Wendy was stroking me slowly. Our two new friends were helping out, one had her breasts in my face and the other was sucking on my balls, gently licking them and my cock. Thank god for my altered state, otherwise I would have been off in a minute seeing all this, like I have said, I was just a young fuck back then.

Wendy eventually push one of the ritas away and had me stroke her breast like she liked, hard and sharply. Meanwhile, Debra was sliding onto my cock slowly and with much deliberation. As for Diane, she took up sucking my balls and cock as Debra fucked me, licking Debra clit for good measure. Our ritas were working on Dianes pussy and one had my hand up her cunt. Now I do not mean just a finger or two, I mean my whole hand.

As things picked up and I was about to cum, Debra unsaddled and she, Wendy and Diane all vied for my hot spurts, each trying to lick a drop of my juice somehow. They wrapped around each other, kissing a licking the cum off of each others faces, and came around and kissed me and tongued me, one on each arm, Debra on top. The ritas were working on various pussies and I swear I felt a tongue on my anus. I was in sexual bliss, the marijuana and tequila all adding to the surreal party we were all feeling.

Now back in those days it was much easier for me to get it up. The girls knew that so Diane and Wendy figured out who would fuck me next. I never did figure out the method, but apparently Diane lost and got to fuck me once I started showing signs of life again. It did not take long. With that many mouths exploring, that many breasts jiggling, that much cunt juice flowing, was there any doubt that I would not be in the mood rather quickly? Diane jumped on.

As she worked my cock with her tight cunt, Wendy straddled my face with Debra placed in between the two, straddling my torso. Someone had come up with whipped cream and it was being sprayed all over. Debra ended up being the dessert for Wendy and Diane. Our ritas, almost forgotten were still making themselves useful, filling a hole here, licking something there, again my balls had a mouth on them as Diane fucked me. This went on for a while and again as I was about to cum the girls all gathered round and this time splashed my spurt on their breasts.

They rubbed my juice into their tits and started licking each other again, massaging their bosoms into each other. The sticky jizz made stringy lines as they separated momentarily, it was messy and nasty and highly erotic all at the same time, and again they all fell back onto me. I think however they were having more fun with each other, but I was always at the center of their actions.

We all had more to drink and another joint was passed around. It calmed us all down and the “hostesses” came in with some clean, warm, towels and began to whip us all down, it was very luxurious. We were all certainly about as mellow as can be.

After the wipe down and a bit of rest hands started exploring again. Diane, Debra and Wendy all took to the challenge of getting me up again, the ritas providing breasts for my distraction as the three worked me with their mouths. Thank god I was young and did not disappoint. Wendy swung around and impaled herself on my prick and started it at it hard. I certainly was not in a rush at this point.

Wendy leaned forward over me allowing Debra and Diane to suck her tits while I stroked and played with their hair. Suddenly Wendy gave a little shriek and tensed up, seems someone was working her ass as she fucked me. Diane looked over and shooed the rita away. Diane took a double ended strap-on away from the girl and put it on herself, fitting one of the massive ends up her cunt, strapping the leather around her, lubing up Wendy’s ass, and sliding it in. Wendy shuddered in a massive orgasm as the dildo hit it’s depth, but she kept on fucking, I hadn’t cum yet, and I wouldn’t for a while… well that’s what I though.

Debra not to be outdone had procured a strap-on of her own, but she had a different idea than doing Diane up the ass. I soon found the pile of us shifting around with me almost completely off the bed when someone was applying lubricant to my ass. I saw pillows flying everywhere, hands guiding people all over as I got closer and closer to falling off the bed. Suddenly there was something working its way up my butt hole and I got a glimpse of Debra with a strap-on on getting ready to bugger me. One last shove and I relaxed my ass as the dildo worked into me.

I had NEVER had anything up there, but in the mood I was in, I did not care. It was one massive pile of penetration, all of us stroking, all of us truly filled to the rim, so to speak. We fucked and fucked like there was no tomorrow. Wendy came again, and that set off Diane and that set of me and Debra. Our ritas were licking and sucking the juice from me and Wendy, sharing it with Diane and Debra, then helped us get untangled from the mess.

Towels were passed around again. We each eventually made it back into the shower with the help of our “hostesses”. All I know is that some time during the evening someone was putting clothing back on me. Some time very late (or very early, you choose) we all got back out on the street, staggering along, just in time for the bakeries to open.

Breakfast was wonderful too.

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