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6/19/2005 4:41 pm

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Body Types

Well, I guess things are not so bad after all, Angie, a friend from the bar came in, sat down with a beer and we started talking.

Angie is about five foot ten and very cute in a Jill Hennessey sort of way. She is smart, outgoing and curious, so we have some real interesting conversations from time to time. So when she started on about how she was not happy that she put on a few pounds I had to laugh. Now she was about to take that as an insult until I explained that I thought that it was ok. She just insisted that she was fat.

I told her it was not fat, but rather that she was Rubenesque. "Yeah, fat..." she replied. No, I told her that she was just fine to my eye and that the women today hold way to much stock in being thin. In fact, in my profile I do not even list being thin as a preference. I told her that I thought the female form should have curves and should not be "a fat free zone". That a woman with a little extra was so much more fun to look at and hold and explore, and that thin women just look malnourished.

She explained that she was always thin before and this just did not fit her self-image. She thought that people just looked at her like a slob, and to this I had to entirely disagree.

We all have our own self-images, and we all have our own preferences, but for me I like a woman who is fit and feminine. I adore the lovely curves that define the classic beauty that today seems to be so out of style. I like the Marilyn’s and Katharine’s and Betty's of fifty years ago. The pin-up beauties and Vargas proportioned women. I look for the Rubenesque women for there is so much more there to love.

Now, this does not mean fat. There is a fine line between these beauties and a woman who has let herself go and has put on too much. But I think that most women would be surprised at where the line is actually drawn between Rubenesque and over-weight.

I do not know I have mentioned this before, but I used to weight about 450 pounds and now weight about 225 pound. So in terms of a woman complaining about weight, I can sympathize and make the case for a few extra pounds. I know, I have been there and maybe, just maybe that is the reason why I am excepting in this matter.

Crimson959 57F

6/19/2005 6:39 pm

Thx for the nice read....and very well said.

Lapkin4u 42F

6/19/2005 6:42 pm

Hip Hip Hooray for men like you! What you said was beautiful and oh so true. Most people don't realize that the average size woman in America is a size 16.....sorry but that is not thin. Woman feel they are "fat" because Hollywood makes everyone believe that anything bigger than paper thin is ugly. Well borrowing a line from Sir-Mix-Alot....I ain't down with that! Yes I am an average woman by American statistics, but I am also beautiful, inside and out. Love the picture by the way.....proving that the best artists in the world knew great beauty when they saw it!

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