Being Prince Philip  

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6/9/2005 2:32 pm

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Being Prince Philip

Oh what a night!!!

We chatted online. We talked on the phone. Then we met.

I told her to wear her hair up, she wanted me to wear black. She said she'd bring a toy, I told her not to say a word when we first meet. I prepared the candles and romantic music thing (she said she liked that), she dressed up sexy and provocative.

We met in a parking lot of a local pub, I was waiting for her as she pulled in, leaning against my car. She began to get out and say something, I just held my finger to my lips and she stopped. I moved in close, I then kissed her neck, she kissed back. This lasted for more time than was seemly for a first encounter, people were coming and going, watching, but it didn't matter. Remember, this was our first face to face meeting.

I suggested we enter the pub and have a bite to eat, "We are going to need our energy." She nodded and I kissed her once more and broke the spell of her silence. We entered, ordered and continued to neck and mildly fondle each other all through the meal. It was lucky that we were in an unobtrusive booth and it was somewhat dark, otherwise we may have upset the other diners with our antics. As it was the waitress was put off by us.

We picked at the food, it held no interest for us. We were together, giggling like school kids and let the rest of the world be damned. We finish, paid, I left a healthy tip, and drove to my place, all ready for the greatest of expectations.

We entered and our passions caught us "like a wild fire out of control". For many hours we were locked in crazy abandon, like two lovers who had been apart for years, and just newly reunited. The details are unimportant, the occurrence is.

Well, I feel better today. New hope is about me and maybe good things are happening. It is fun to hope when the expectations are met. And for at least one night, my expectations were satisfied.

So what does all this have to do with Prince Philip. Well, we are not talking the real Prince Philip, but rather the one from the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale. In particular, the Prince Philip as described by Anne Rice in the erotic novel The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty.

Guys, if you have not read this series of books, you really should. These books turn women on in a big way, and there are elements that you can use in a seduction that may surprise and delight you. All I know for sure is that we had some real fun role play and it was totally hot and sexy. (And the sex was incredible, but I didn't have to say that.) Let's just say we "tied up an evening".

When I start chatting I sometimes drop in the line "I would love to be your Prince Philip". If they don't get it or think you are talking British royalty you know they have not read the books. If they do get it, that is really when the fun begins... sharing your favorite chapters, asking if they think Beauty was too accepting, was that paddling to extreme, did you enjoy the way Beauty was displayed for the public. (Damn, there are a lot of women that love this bit of exhibitionism.) It is a great way to get into talking about sex and sensuality without being crass and coming off like a "Four F" guy.

Get these books, read them, study them. And if you do not like being Prince Philip, you are probably dead or too full of yourself to get it.

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