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6/13/2006 2:34 am

Driving home a thunderstorm came out of nowhere, common occurrence here this time of year. I drive too fast and tonight was no exceptions. I was rushing home hoping to catch my daughter before she went to bed. The sudden down pour caught me by surprise and before I could adjust my speed my car hydroplaned. When I felt the car begin to slip, my first though was about the maintenance done on my car last week and the mechanic telling me I should get new tires in the next few weeks. I quickly realized I was totally out of control. My car did a full 360 before I regained control. It happened so fast I am not sure if I survived from pure luck or subconscious skills gained from skidding my parents car across large corporate parking lots near our house as a kid after it snowed. The whole thing likely lasted only 1 or 2 seconds. It was a blur. I know I came close to a semi truck as I helplessly spun. I didn't see it but I can still hear its horn blaring, a doppler effect as it flew by me. I have no clue how close it really was. The car ended up pointing back in the right direction still in forward motion. I hit nothing but flew across all 3 lanes of the highway. An angel must have been watching over me. I managed to avoid the guard rail or any of the other cars and trucks around me. I must have been traveling 70 MPH at the time. As I pulled off the highway at the next exit and collected my nerves I had the feeling of waking from a dream. I was unsure of what happened. Unsure of my memory. My hearts was pounding. I drove slowly home on side roads.

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