January 9, 2006  

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January 9, 2006

Wasn't it The Mamas & The Papas who sang "Monday, Monday"? What an amazing day.

Started out great and ended even better. In between were a stint in the pool, a trip to a spa and a visit with an out of town friend.

Great news at the gym - down 4 pounds from last week. That is measurable, observable progress and made me quite happy - so much so that I almost had an ice cream in celebration - decided on a turkey breast sandwich for lunch instead!

After thinking about it for a long time and being urged by some friends, I decided to try a visit to our local spa for men. Got something I've long been interested in but knew little about - a pedicure. Wowsers! The old dogs felt like puppies by the time the esthetician was done buffing, clipping, scraping, massaging and parafin waxing my tootsies. If you have a chance and can afford the pesos - got for it. Sitting in one of those fancy massage chairs with dim lights and music playing, it was very, very comfortable.

Wrapped up the evening by meeting an out of town friend I met right here on AdultFriendFinder. We had a great hour and a half together. Suffice to say I enjoyed it very much and if you're reading this, know how much I enjoyed it. Thank you.

Ok, enough for now. Can only hope Tuesday is half the day that Monday was!

Have a great day. Don't forget, comments are welcome here. Feel free to post some. Just click on the comments button.

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