January 5, 2006  

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January 5, 2006

Another mild day in Edmonton - you'd think we're heading for spring rather than the rest of winter, but everyone tells me to buckle my seatbelt because winter has *yet* to arrive! Get out the mukluks and feed the dog team, says the wise man!

Four days straight at the gym - doing pretty good in my books. Today was the first day to get in some weight training and my arms are complaining. The hot tub afterwards helped a great deal - makes a big difference in taking away the residual soreness, but I was using muscles today that I probably haven't used in a loooong time. They're entitled to complain a bit.

Tomorrow, it's back to some water fitness stuff. Kind of neat because you can do a lot of bouncing and your knees don't scream for mercy!

Added one additional picture to the private album in case you haven't seen it. Did a little trim job beforehand since things were looking pretty much like a jungle. Let me know what you think.

Anyway, enough until tomorrow. Have a fine day and thanks for reading along.

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