Why do some men avoid plain women?  

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3/8/2006 6:29 am

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Why do some men avoid plain women?

I feel fine and strong now - I am going to take a running test later on today to see how my ankle is holding up. Hopefully everything will go all right, I want to be fit for Saturday

It is nice to get phots on my e-mail and phone - women certianly are beautiful no matter what shapes and sizes they come in

I have spoken with some girls here in Norway whom seem to have a tough time to catch a man only because they have a little extra padding. It is not so much that they are overweight, more that their self-esteem is non-existent. Then it is my job to make them step out in the real world

Hell, some of my best friends tip the scale close to 300 lbs... but it is like Eddie Murphy said "No person is too ugly to have sex with"

But seriously; some women just need a little attention and then they blossom into the great creatures they truly are!

Not that I mind skinny girls either - I love ALL girls

Take care everyone - and remember do not be so quick to turn down advances from a person whom you think is unattractive, they might provide you with the best sex of your life !!

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