Wednesday - trip to Sweden, working out with a gay friend ;)  

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3/22/2006 11:13 am

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Wednesday - trip to Sweden, working out with a gay friend ;)


Whew; this has been a packed day. First I went to the University and hooked up with the girl I know there - damn she is hot!! We spend some nice hours together and then I and another woman went across the border to do some shopping. Everything is cheaper there so I filled up my fridge with Red Bull and Shark (stuff you can't get in Norway).

After I got home I decided to work out with a gay friend of mine. He wanted to go swimming so that's where we went. (I suspect he wanted to go swimming so we could shower and go to the sauna together) - Oh well, he is a nice guy, and he knows that I don't really fancy him "like that" so we had a good time - although he had trouble taking his eyes from my cock in the shower

We swam 2000 meters, and it was a good work out - tomorrow I am going to play another game so it felt nice to give my body some work to do today. (I am not entirely sure how well my ankle is, but we'll see tomorrow).

I drove him back to his place and then went home - now I am sitting here gathering my strength before the next visitor arrives

Oh there goes the doorbell - I am outta here

Take Care everyone - you are in my thoughts all the time

rm_4derfor 29M
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11/22/2006 8:55 am

og hvor i sverige var du?

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