Oh Yes, Friday; - The Weekend is Here :)  

harold_the_horny 38M
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3/10/2006 7:37 am
Oh Yes, Friday; - The Weekend is Here :)


I have been waiting for this weekend, I feel I need to ruffle some feathers over the next couple of days. Things have been relaxed and slow this week so I need to find an adrenalinerush somewhere

Tomorrow I will play another soccermatch and hopefully I will have the opportunity to use my muscles in some physical challenges. I love to tackle hard !! I love to fuck hard to, so I guess there is a connection there

I felt a little cheated a work today, when the guy that was supposed to evaluate me called in sick... I looked forward to impressing him ... well, I guess deep inside I am still a little boy

Tonight it is quiz time and me and my team hope to maintain our impressive winning-streak. I love to compete, and I love to win

Saturday night looks promising - maybe I will attend a social gathering (a.k.a. a party) I know some friends of mine are having one. The only poroblem is that it is still REALLY COLD up here in the North (-10 Celcius degrees / 12 degrees Farenheit). And I love to go out on the town after I have attended a party, but the idea of lining up with a que outseide a disco in this weather is not very tempting

But you never know, maybe I will just get in my car a drive to one of the nearby citites (Drammen, Oslo etc) to locate some of my AdultFriendFinder contacts. You know who you are

Oh well, I think this weekend will be fun, I feel good !!

Take care everyone - love from Norway

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