Friday; Quiz and party !  

harold_the_horny 38M
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3/17/2006 10:55 am
Friday; Quiz and party !

Finally the weekend is here.

I have an invitation to a party later tonight, we'll see if I find the time. Hopefully one of my girlfriends will join me on the quiz team tonight so that I am ensured female company tonight

This weekend is shaping up to be memorable; I have so many options available to me right now that I don't know where to go . I have parties to go to, chicks to meets and pussies to fuck . I'll be spending the next week at the local university, researching, and one of my girlfriends has expressed an interest in joining me there. In a couple of weeks the chick whom I made the movie with is coming down from Oslo to spend a couple of days a my place (it is gonna be fun, as she is the horniest person I have ever met. AND she adores my cock .

So things are shaping up nicely - over the next couple of weeks I am going to get more sex than most of my single counterparts get in a year. What can I say - it is good to be me

Take care everyone - I wish all my joy and happiness !

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