First Time M.I.L.F Chp. 2  

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4/22/2006 10:23 pm
First Time M.I.L.F Chp. 2

The next day I showed up at Jason's house the same time as usual. I wasted no time as it was really hot that day. I proceeded right to the pool and jumped in. I wore a pair of white shorts this day on purpose, and I knew when it was wet Darcy would be able to see right through the material to my cock. I had only swum a couple of laps when Darcy showed up pool side; she was wearing a robe and removed it as she stared me in the eye. Darcy was completely naked under the robe and I could feel the stirring in my loin just watching her firm breasts and shaven pussy come into my view.

Darcy wasted no time and slowly started running her hands over her breasts and down her stomach. She told me to come out of the pool so I could have a better view. I slowly eased myself out of the water and watched Darcy's eyes as they flew straight to my crotch. I knew the material of my shorts was stuck to my quickly inflating cock, and I knew she could make out the whole picture. She ohhed as she slowly ran her hand down her stomach and to her quickly wetting pussy. Darcy watched my cock the whole time I was walking towards her, and then she told me to remove my shorts. I did as she asked and she just dropped to her knees in front of me.

"My God, I have never seen such a magnificent piece of cock in my life." She said as she continued to play with her pussy. I slowly began to stroke my cock inches from her gazing view as she played with her pussy. "Chris, I never knew that they came this big, except in those movies." Darcy said as she marveled at my cock.

My cock is only about 8 inches long, but it is very thick, I am a big man and I can barely get my hand all the way around it. Darcy just watched, with the look of lust in her eyes as I stroked my member to full hardness. Darcy looked at me and asked if she could touch it. "Of course," I said. She slowly reached her hand out and rubbed the head of my cock, and it instantly let out a dribble of pre cum. Darcy AHHHED, as she took the pre cum and rubbed it all over the head of my cock. She continued to rub her hand around the head of my cock, and play with her pussy at the same time. Her fingers were dripping with her wetness and I could see it flowing down the inside of her thighs. I wanted to taste that pussy so badly.

Darcy then brought both hands up and began to stroke my cock with both hands. "I want to taste your cum." "Cum on my face with your big cock." That was all it took. I could feel the cum making its way up my hard shaft. Darcy felt it to, and squeezed my balls away from my cock, and wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and squeezed hard. It kind of hurt, but I felt what it really had done. It stopped my orgasm. She just smiled up at me and said, "Not yet, big boy." I have plans for this big hard cock.

Darcy then lay back on the lawn chair and began to move her fingers in and out of her tightness. "Come here, get real close. I want you to see my pussy up close as I make myself cum." I did as I was told. I got down on my knees and rested my head between her knees; I watched her fingers slide in and out of her wet cunt. Her cunt was so wet that juices were flowing out freely. I could not resist and as she pumped her fingers in and out of her pussy I reached my tongue out and tasted her. I ran my tongue along her fingers and across her clit. She spasmed uncontrollably and came all over her hand. "OH! FUCK! It feels so good." She screamed as I continued to suck on her clit. She continued to buck her pussy against my tongue as her orgasm took hold of her hard. She clawed at my hair as I continued to suck on her hard little clit. I had her juices all over my chin.

I sat up and looked at her and she gave me a mean scowl. "Why did you do that? Why did you touch me? I am a married woman. I just wanted to have a little fun I didn't want no touching." I was scared and confused, she had just stroked my cock almost to orgasm, and now I was getting yelled at for touching? I was really confused.

"You did something without asking, and I am not very happy about that." Darcy said to me as she stood up. She looked down at my hard cock, and with lust in her eyes said, "Now because you did something without asking you will have to take care of that for yourself." With that she stood up and put her robe on and walked towards the house. I could not believe what was going on. I was very confused, but very turned on at the same time. As she entered the house I laid back on the lawn chair she was on and grabbed her sun tan oil. I slowly squirted the oil all over my hard cock and began to stroke the full length of it, as I remembered what had just happened, with the woman of my fantasies. I looked over at the house as I was stroking my cock, and saw Darcy standing in the window playing with herself. She was watching me. I stroked my cock with one thing in mind, to cum when she came. I slowed my strokes down and watched her face intently. As I saw her throw her head back and open her mouth I began to stroke faster. I felt the cum coming up the length of my cock, and that is when it hit me. I had an idea. I would have Darcy, and she would beg for it. LOL I did not finish my orgasm I stopped just before I came and saw the disappointment in her eyes, and I stood up and put my shorts on. I jumped into the pool to cool off. As I was gathering my things to leave Darcy came to the front door again. "Why did you stop?" "How come you didn't finish stroking your hard cock off?" I just laughed at her and went home.

To be continued..

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