Close Encounters of the Parental kind  

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7/30/2005 10:48 pm

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Close Encounters of the Parental kind

One of my friend calls me on my cell at about 3 in the morning. I thought about not answering seeing that it was 3am, (always answer, could be something bad) It was, she had been at a party and it gotten broken up and she needed a ride, so, being a gentlemen, I oblige, I drive across the county, she says that she cant go home because she doesn’t want her mom to find out...about 25min. from my house, a OCS (Orange County Sheriff) starts to tail me, no lights, just followin', it only took him a min. to find out that my registration is not updated. He hits it.."FUCK", I drop the clutch. 3,...4, lining to the max, turning every which way. I turn onto a dark street and smoke him. I pull into a driveway and go dead. we were sitting there for at least 20 min. we finally head to my house. we sneak in, making sure to not wake my parents or my dog, Max. I can tell that she is a little tipsy from the party and the getaway. I tell her to go to bed. she climbs the ladder to my bed and flops down, I start to IM my friends and brag about the getaway...that’s what we call, "fun" I talk till about 4:30 when I start to get tired, I sit in my...chair...Its got some kind of name, but its just a chair, My friend says to come up with her, I figure, ehhh why not. I just saved her from a night of hell. We had slept together before this, but, it was all very.....complicated.....She has a boyfriend (asshole) and then there's me. the "misfit" of the area. Her mom hates me, Her dad is looking for an excuse to kill me. and if he ever found out....about anything.....i'd be 6 feet under. well skip ahead skip ahead...we have biggie....its great as always .....but in the morning was were it went south. Whenever something like this happens, I always get her home at 6. well, i didn't set the alarm, its around 10 and my mom walks in and looks up into the bed(Its a loft bed, used mainly in dorm rooms) she says' "Honey, *Blurp's* mom and dad are here and want to know if you've seen her????" My heart starts to race. I throw the covers over her so they won't see her, I can hear her nearly crying. I tell her to relax, and they wont find you. then my mom does the one thing that i feared the most. she let her parents in for breakfast, I knew i could sneak her out with only my parents up, but not with both. I had to think. okay, she stays there until they leave. well no good. my mom INSISTS that she does my laundry. (I had two choices when I turned 18, Get a car, or get an apartment, i got the car) My mom tells me to get all my laundry i say ok. Then it hits me. I look at her in my bed, she looks like a sad puppy on the day of a long vacation and they cant go with you. I tell her to get down and to stay quiet, I shove a pile of clothes into her arms, she says "what r u doing". I tell her, "Whatever happens, Don't worry, I won't let go, don't move.” I wrap her in a sheet from my bed and Pick her up. her legs in one arm, her back in the other. I walk out the door into the family room, I begin to walk towards the back of the house. Her parents staring me down the whole way. I make it to an island in the office way, and the sheet unwraps. "she goes limp in my arms, I drop her to her feet in front of me and cover her mouth, my dad walks out of his room. knowing fully that her family is looking for her. my dad is looking right at her, she happens to be in nothing other than a white shirt of mine.(I think that women in your white dress shirt are the sexiest look, it covers all of their…’areas’…but still makes it unbelievably sexy) well anyway, I think to myself. We're dead, i know it, I think about just owning up to her parents and telling them that i love her.(I do) well before i could, my dad does something that i will never be able to pay him back, he says in a loud voice, (loud enough for her folks to here) "Dude, you want to wash my laundry too." he grabs a neatly folded sheet, shakes it out, and wraps her up in about a second. I lift her up, throwing a "you’re a lifesaver" look to my dad. I carry her to the laundry room where the back door is located, gave her a pair of pants, the keys to my car and a big kiss. I walked back to the family room and my dad had suggested that they just call there daughter and see where she is, they leave. my dad sits me down on the couch, expecting WW3, my dad starts pacing and tells my mom that they were going to call her. my mom leaves, my dad sits down and pats me on the back and says, "at least she’s cute". He gives me hug and tells me to do his laundry for the next month......I think it’s a fair trade...don’t you

She and I are currently still..."friends"

rm_chocolate963 33M
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7/31/2005 1:13 am

that sucks dude

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