anyone going to the sex convention in town?  

hardtimes1001 52M
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11/17/2005 8:04 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

anyone going to the sex convention in town?

Hello to all. I read in the paper today that there is a sex convention in town until sunday at the minneapolis convention center.It is the first time it has been in the twin cities and from reading the story, it has people worked up on both sides. Some people think it is just awful and degrading that this is happening here and like my self, some think it is about time it came here.It will cost you 20.00 to get in the door but they say they have a lot of vendors at the show and I would imagine that they will be giving out freebies and samples of thier products at some of the booths.By judging from other trade shows I have been to, I hope they give out some free samples for your 20.00.It is supposed to be like the ones put on in Las Vegas but only smaller in size. I guess Ron Jeramy will be there sometime this weekend as well as a playboy play mate for all to see. I will be heading down there Friday night and will report back on what I found and if it was worth the time and money to go.If you go and run into an atractive guy with a smile on his face, stop and say hi to George. Hope to see you all down there and until next time, Good luck to all in your search.

amb_lily 40F

11/18/2005 4:13 am

I can't go, but thought it sounded interesting...Can't wait to hear your report!

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