21st Century Rebel  

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2/22/2006 5:58 am

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21st Century Rebel

21st Century Rebel

Rebel in Missouri, rebel in Cheyenne,
Rebel in Kissimmee, working for the man.
Rebel in Tacoma, rebel on the lam,
Rebel in L.A., no one knows what I am.

I could drown New Jersey on my way to the sea,
Maybe walk to Little Rock, carve my name on a tree.
If you see me coming, lock down and get the phone,
Tell the law you saw me and say I rode alone.

Rebel lights the civil rules, rebel bites the judge,
Rebel strikes a cold thin fuse, rebel holds a grudge.
Rebel drives a tall red truck, rebel blows a tire.
Rebel loves to fuck a cop, rebel cuts the wire.

Rebel slides to El Paso, hopes to take a nap ‒
Rebel shot the hotel clerk while asking for a map.
No one saw me cash it, no one saw me run,
Rebel knew she blew it when she stashed the gun.

Rebel in North Austin, rebel in South Bay,
Rebel stuck in traffic, tied up along on the way.
Someone waits to grab me anywhere I go,
Law man set to nab me at the first bend in the road.

Rebel of those Harlem nights, rebel in the world,
Rebel in the red street light, rebel of a girl.

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