Always be nice!  

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10/24/2005 8:02 am

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Always be nice!

It always pays to be nice to a woman. Last Friday at lunch, I sat down and logged into messenger. Immediately, a conversation starts from a woman who I haven't heard from in 3 years. I was her booty call then, just sex when she wanted it. I thaught she had moved to Ontario or somewhere. Turned out she was back in my area. I asked how she was doing and she said she could be better. I asked how she could be better and I got a wink back. I asked what did she want. The replay was she was horny and she wanted me to fuck her. I get her address and I am there in 5 minutes. I get undressed and she start stroking me. I get her clothes off and start to feel her and then fingering her. As I am sucking her tits and rubbing her clit, she has her first orgasm. The I fuck her to two more orgasms. She hadn't had in in months she later told me. I don't need anyone thinking I am that great in bed....all the time I get back to work just in time to start afternoon. So always be nice and maybe your lunch hour will be just as fun someday. Keep smiling all.


owowstan 55M

12/19/2005 7:01 am

Soooo what's her name? happyf;

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