Step 3 (Search for new girlfriend, or, sort through the fakes)  

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8/4/2005 3:37 am

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Step 3 (Search for new girlfriend, or, sort through the fakes)

The obvious next step was to use the search engine to find some new women friends! I set my cupid settings for what I was looking for and hit “search”. 30 or so profiles came back. Unfortunately, the girl I was most interested in didn’t land in the search. By her profile, I thought she was wonderful. Not that she would want a married man, but still, I felt she should have come up in my search. So I started going through the returns. I found maybe one or two profiles of women that I was interested in, that matched what I was looking for, so I shot them an E-Mail.
I spent a couple of hours working with the search function. I would change the settings, change the age range of women I was looking for, changed the acceptable distance, changed their martial status, changed other things, and though the searches came up with slightly different results, many times, it returned profiles that did NOT match my settings! When I searched by other methods, I would find profiles that were really cool, that met my search requirements, that the search engine didn’t pick up. I am questioning why I pay for the gold membership. AdultFriendFinder’s SEARCH ENGINE SUCKS!
It takes about two hours on a high speed connection to find someone worthy of an E-Mail. Here’s a breakdown of my activity. I sent out an E-mail a day for 5 days before I got my first auto response from a fake woman, I sent out 20 E-Mails before I got my first real response from a real woman!
The fake woman’s profile quickly grabbed my attention! She was this black chick that was so hot her image is permanently seared into my mind. Her profile did not match mine enough for me to send her an E-Mail, but she was just so pretty that I had to send her a note, so I did. I received my first response! I would tell you what her auto reply was, but they removed her profile, and the E-Mail she sent into my account! Makes me wonder what is really going on in the back rooms of AdultFriendFinder.
It is easy to spot these fake women. They are standard members. They are very beautiful and generally bi-curious. They might ask for your E-mail address. Their profiles are not completely filled out, and what is filled out, is very vague. They are sexually aggressive. Their profiles are kind of structured the same and say the same things. Here are a couple examples: Look at them fast because they will be gone soon.

Profile for WantSumBoys6t9
Well to tell you truth I have never done this kind of thing before. I'll be
in minneapolis for the next few weeks. I love having a fun time and I am looking for someone or some people to have some no commitment fun. I'm very attractive and I really enjoy the company of men and women.
Ideal Person:
I want a man that will meet me for sex when we can make the time. I don't really want to or expect to be wined and dined. If you want to meet for a drink that would be good for me. Let me know.

Profile for crazygrlie287
I'm a married woman who is bored with the same ole same ole. I love to have fun and party with my friends(hubby sometimes). Love to dance in clubs and just have a goodtime. Not Looking for anything serious since I am married, must any contact should be discreet. Leave your email address if you want to chat.
Ideal Person:
Let me know what you think and we'll talk about a possible sexual future. LOL, I am not picky whatsoever. I just want to have some fun while I am still young and can go all night long.

There are HUNDREDS of these fake women! I think AdultFriendFinder has four guys in the back room typing in new women every day to keep me sending them my money every month, in hopes that I will find what I am looking for.

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