Step 1 (Make the Decision to Join)  

happypal2000 49M
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7/31/2005 9:28 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Step 1 (Make the Decision to Join)

I need new friends. I am very open to an affair. The internet looks like a safe please to be introduced to thousands of people; one or two of them must be looking for the same thing I am looking for. (Friend with benefits).
As I said, I help my friend with her profile and in eight days, she had 811 people check out her profile and she received about 10 E-Mails a day from men. It was totally overwhelming! In her profiles on two sites, I included 4 pictures. She is a little fat, but she is a real cutie. I wrote up an awesome profile that really made you want to get to know this girl (at least I think her profile is awesome)
Here it is, you tell me what you think of it:

I am a sparkly, happy family type person whose main short-term goals are to finish college and capture a good man.
I am not too interested in politics, economics, or string theory; I just want to have fun! I am a non-smoking, light drinking, movie loving, rollerblading, cities girl who likes to try new activities. I just tried candle making and trap shooting! My main hobbies are babysitting, cross-stitching, and hanging out with friends.
Though I am pretty low maintenance, I am a little hard to catch, but like all girls, I need a patient and emotionally strong man to try and make me his trophy!
I’m looking for a businessman type of professional, because men in suits are sexy. This man needs to love authentic Asian food because I love to cook. He needs to be a gentleman who pays attention to me and care for me as much as he takes care of himself. He will enjoy doing things around the home more often than partying at the clubs. I want him to be a Christian, who is creative, honest, and willing to share himself openly with me. Though Vegetarians need not apply, Blacks and Whites are encouraged to write me because I like my romance stir-fried!

Because of the outstanding success that our friend had, I thought I would have good success also. (WRONG!)

rm_Currier40 31M

7/31/2005 12:50 pm

Same here. i just want a friend with benefits but i am not getting any comments or emails at all. i dont know if its cause i am younger or where i live but its kinda frustrating. If you figure something out let me know. I will do the same. Have a good one

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