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10/13/2005 11:51 pm

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this moment

we begin to explore each other, our lips touching, our tongues entwining and our fingers feeling the softness of one another. you licked my neck, biting and sucking as your hands found my breasts, your fingers pinching and rolling the taut nipples. my head dropped back and my eyes closed and a soft moan escaped my lips, my hands caressing the fullness of your bunns. i could feel the heat of your arousal pressing into me and my own juices flowed, my sweet scent reaching your nostrils. i leaned forward and took one of your nipples between my teeth, biting it through your shirt. i quickly undid your buttons and slipped your shirt off your shoulders. i admired the beauty of yourf strong body and kissed the scars that were a part of the pain in your heart, outlining each with my warm tongue.

you pushed the small straps of my black dress down my arms and it tumbled to the floor around my feet. you bit my shoulder and i arched myback, pushing my breasts against your naked chest. you effortlessly scooped me up into your arms and gently placed me on the bed, the black dress cushioning mY head like a feather pillow. you looked into my eyes then began biting your way to my breasts, sucking a pert nipple into 5your mouth, nibbling each between your teeth alternately. my roving hands found the clasp to his jeans, pushing them over your hips, freeing your long, thick cock. im stroked your length with both hands and feel you groan on her nipple, the urge to taste you was strong and as if sensing my very thought, you flipped me over so each had access to one another’s deepest pleasures.

i outlined my lips with your pre-cum, tasting your saltiness before wrapping my lips around the head, pushing my tongue into your tiny pee hole. your tongue flicked my clit furiously and my hips lowered to press harder onto your face. im lowered my head and his cock sank deep into her mouth. my throat contracted at your size but i withdrew halfway until getting accustomed to the feel. i opened wider and took his entire length as you sucked my clit into your mouth; both lost in our world of ecstasy. Nothing mattered but giving each other the pleasure we had waited so long for, the love we saved for this moment. you plunged your tongue deep into me and i let him feel my teeth at each stroke and when neither of us could stand to hold back, you flipped me again and entered my hot, wet pussy. we rode each other in a frenzied rhythm, never taking our eyes off each other, wrapping arms and legs around one another’s bodies. It was as if we were locked together, our bodies becoming one, knowing what each was thinking, feeling, until suddenly exploding in a simultaneous orgasm. we kissed deeply to stop from screaming, muffling each other’s sobs and cries but feeling with such intensity, that our bodies still shook even after the orgasm stopped. at long last im satisified aain

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