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when i think back to the sweet memorys of days past an loves so devine in most every way, i stop and wonder ,, the majic of it all. why me, why am i the chosen one . to have lived in these times an felt so much bliss an enjoyment to be loved by so many an yet feel so alone, wanting you to hold me once again, you makeing me feel like the only woman you want an desire, all your passion fullfilled, our affair was like no other we had known,, so many highs such sweet surender on my part, i adored you the master of my soul. as i look back on thoes wonderfull carefree days we spent eating dinner,, laughing,, makeing jokes, emjoying the best sex to people could bring to the bedroom,, Tears well up in my eyes every time i think of you,, my man,,my lover ,,my soulmate my everything,, one look at you turned into a day then imto weeks they thrned into months an then years of pure joy for me. I hope for you too/ thoes were the days my friend.

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10/18/2005 3:14 pm

You lie there so sweetly, breathing so softly that I must watch your
chest to be sure that it rises and falls. You are deeply in a dream
state for your eyes occasionally dart from side to side beneath your
lids. I lie watching you and wonder at what dream makes you smile
slightly. I gently draw the covers from you to look at you. I never
tire of gazing at you. I love every line of your body, well-traveled
and known to me almost as well as my body is known to you.

I lean closer and breathe gently on your stomach, smiling to myself
as your stomach muscles tense. I lean back to look at you...head to
foot. We are alike you and I. No confining nightclothes for us. Tho I
love the frilly things you buy for me, we both know they are the
wrapping that comes off quickly before we joyously partake of each
other. Your skin gives off a faint radiant kind of heat. You never
seem to be cold, or rather, rarely. We are a perfect compliment to each
other. I love to curl up to you, forming my body to yours, arm around
your waist and depending on my mood--toying with your shaft or simply
stroking your chest and stomach. God, how I love to touch you! *sigh*

You move slightly in your sleep, reaching out to me with your mind, I
sense. You feel my proximity and relax deeper into REM sleep and I have
a sudden impulse. You have never been this deeply asleep when I am
awake and I am sorely tempted to try something that has never worked
before. The curiosity is natural I suppose. Would I be able to arouse
you while you were sound asleep? I smile impishly at the thought to
your awakening to see my swallowing your magnificent shaft and the
reaction you might have to the sight. Then I snuggle down beside you,
as the thought takes hold of me in my most female parts and squeezes me
to a decision.

I look again at your angelic face. Others may not see what I do, but
I know you better than any other, and I know how wonderful you are. You
are breathing deeply and regularly. Nothing has disturbed your slumber,
and you have satisfied your id that I am near to hand. You are content
and deeply asleep--and about to have the dream (cum-true) of your life!

I gently nudge you flat onto your back, careful not to rouse you and
then gently tug one leg a bit away so that I can lie between them. I
move gently, and by nudging you just enough, cause you to drape your leg
over my waist. I am in a perfect position now, one where I can make
love to you for a prolonged period of time and not get tired or
uncomfortable...for I plan on making love to you until you DO awaken!

Slowly I take your semiridged member in my hand and lick the head
gently. You always taste so good! I marvel at the pleasure I derive
from giving you head. I have always enjoyed it, but something about
taking all of you into my mouth and throat excites me beyond words!
I lick the head and feel the shaft grow firm in my hand. I look up and
see that you are still deep in REM and not noticeably disturbed. Perhaps
I am but fulfilling whatever dream you are having at the moment. I
don't know, but this has excited me to the point at which I have a
burning desire to bring you to climax and swallow all the love that I
can manage to obtain from your wonderful cock. I smile at myself when I
think of that term, remembering all the discussion about terms. I shake
my head slightly and know that it doesn't matter to you what I call it.
I take your head into my mouth and swirl my tongue around the edge of
the head. I poke the stiffened tip of my tongue into the hole at the
top of the head and then let my mouth engulf your entire near-rigid
dick. You are breathing faster and you move your head back and forth.
You almost seem to be fighting sleep now, trying to come up out of
whatever deep dream state you had entered. I cease my ministrations and
watch you, praying wildly that you will drop back into your dream. You
tense several times, and I watch as glistening drops of dew-like precum
slowly gather at the tip of your head. My mouth waters for them, but I
dare not touch you again or even move until I am sure. I wait
impatiently and gently squeeze and release your cock, matching your
heartbeat. I smile as you drift back into the arms of your dream maiden
and a slight smile curves your wonderful mouth. When I am sure you are
deeply asleep, I savor the drops of you that I have longed to taste.
You are dreaming again, I can tell by the movement of your eyes and so I
take you fully into my mouth this time. Deeper and deeper until the
back of my throat takes your head and the muscles clamp firmly on it.
You tense and groan softly...the first sounds I have heard from you. I
become excited beyond belief. I know that you are very near cuming...I
can feel your balls tense and release. I cup them gently and swallow
your cock repeatedly, feeling them tense up and your shaft as well. I
realize that you will cum soon, and I wonder if it will waken you....

At this point I only know that I want you to cum in my mouth and let
me swallow all that is you. I begin to tease your head with my tongue,
just at that special point at which I tell you it all seems to cum
together. You moan louder and your hips respond to my increased
activities. I am in a state of extreme desire and need of you....your
hand covers mine and I realize you are still asleep...I THINK you are.
Your cock is ready to explode in my mouth and I decide I want you and it
no longer matters if you are awake or not. I attend to your wonderful
shaft and head and suck and tease until I feel your entire body tense.
I look up as I feel the first rush of cum strike the back of my throat
and I swallow and see your eyes beneath your lashes, gazing at me
lovingly and the tender smile on your face...and I realize THIS is so
much better--the best of both worlds, really!

God, how I love you!

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