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all about, think they might like to do it, or already do it but want
to learn how to both give and receive more pleasure from it. It will
teach them the skills they need so that both they and their partner
can receive more pleasure from fellatio.
Studies show that from 50 to 80 percent of women perform fellatio. Of
those, 35 to 65 percent find it pleasurable, with the rest saying
can take it or leave it or don't enjoy it. Other studies show 90
percent of married couples under 25 giving head. If you're just
sucking cock because your man wants you to, read on, your man may
himself waking up in the middle of the night with his cock in your
Why would a woman like to suck a man's cock? Why would she even want
to put his cock in her mouth? First off, you have to have a man with
the right attitude about sex and your needs before you should even
think about putting his cock in your mouth or anywhere else in you
that matter, enough said. I've sucked a few cocks over the years and
talked to many women who have also. Some women submit to sex, some
accept it, some willingly participate when aroused, but some really
like it and don't always wait for their man to initiate it.
Unfortunately, a lot of those women who only submit to or accept sex
simply have a lousy lover. Most women I know who really like sex also
like to suck cock. I don't like to suck cock instead of fucking, I
like it as a supplement to fucking. Sucking a man's cock makes my
ache to have one in it. I love to suck him off and then keep working
on his cock until I can get him hard enough to fuck me. Those fucks
are some of the best I've ever had, well, maybe tied with having him
eat me first.
But never mind who does and who doesn't do it, I think that the
reasons those who do suck cock do it are similar to the two that make
men like to eat pussy, plus a third unique to women. First, they have
a loving caring man and the more he likes what they do, the hotter
their cunts get. The second is the role that the mouth and tongue
in sex. Why do people kiss? They receive pleasure from the
that takes place during a kiss. The mouth, lips and tongue are some
the more erogenous zones of the body and are active rather than
passive, you do something with them. You nibble on his ears, kiss and
suck on his nipples, kiss his navel, why not kiss and suck on the
sexual part of his body, that thing you love to have thrust into you,
his cock. The third is the almost subconscious sexual desire of a
woman to draw a man into her body, when she gets hot she wants his
cock in her, and her mouth is an inviting place to put it. Put this
all together and his cock in your mouth is where it's at gals.
Just for a minute, forget how good it feels to a man for a woman to
take his cock into her soft loving mouth, lick it, suck it, slide her
lips down over it until she has her face buried in his bush.
Let your imagination conjure up images of your favorite movie star's
cock in your mouth. It's live, warm, feel it throb as his hart beats.
Feel it pulse as he tightens his muscles. Imagine sucking it inside
you and bringing him to climax.
Sucking a man's cock can be one of the pure pleasures in a woman's
life. It's sad to think that many women don't appreciate just how
fun it can be. One reason for this, outside of being with the wrong
man, is that they don't know how to suck cock and so it doesn't end
being much fun. Because if you mess up, you don't get your reward.
cock doesn't get hard, the man doesn't have a good time and the woman
feels like a failure. Other reasons are: a man's cock is dirty; he
urinates through it; he won't respect me if I do it; he'll cum in my
mouth. The answers are: if he washes his cock, it's as clean as your
finger that you willingly put in your mouth; urine is not poison and
doesn't carry germs, besides he doesn't urinate when he has a hard-
he'll probably love you for it and give you head to boot; he won't
in your mouth if you don't want him to, besides you'll probably want
him to when you get into it.
Many women who do give head seem to think that simply making a cunt
their mouth, closing it around a man's cock, and bobbing their heads
lustily up and down until he climaxes automatically makes them
experts. Tant so girls!
But here's the good news; it's easy to learn how to be a terrific
cock-sucker and once you find out how to do it right, your man will
love it and so will you. It'll take some practice, but that's work?
What's Down There
But first things first. Let's talk about the "basic cock." LOOK at
cock. I don't mean a casual glance, study that thing you're thinking
about wrapping your lips around. You've had it in your cunt and it
felt good there, it just might feel good in your mouth. He'll be glad
to let you look at it, if you want to look at it, you just might want
to do something else with it.
Turn on a strong light and get him flat on his back on your bed. Take
his cock in your hand and see if you can get it hard. Now, take a
close look at it. The main part is called the shaft. There's a
part near the outer end, slightly larger in diameter than the shaft,
which is called the glans penis or head. The ridge where the head
joins the shaft is called the corona. This is the most sensitive part
of his cock. Follow this ridge around to the underside. There's a
juncture where the two ends come together. This tiny area is easily
the most sensitive spot on his entire body. Just like your clit, this
is where the action is. You can bring him to climax by gently tapping
the tip of your tongue directly on it. The opening in the tip of the
head is the meatus. Here's where that cum that's been squirting out
into your cunt has been coming from.
The shaft doesn't have many nerve endings over a particular area or
any special nerves. As a result, it doesn't provide a man with any
high degree of stimulation when caressed, either with your hand or
your tongue. The shaft will, however, respond to pressure. There is
also power in numbers, so when all of its nerves are fully enclosed
a warm, wet mouth that's sucking and slipping and sliding around on
it, the feeling is great. The deeper the better girls.
Underneath the shaft, where it joins his body, is the scrotum, and
inside are the testicles (family jewels, balls, nuts). This is where
his sperm is created. You're born with all of your eggs, but he
continuously manufactures sperm to fertilize those eggs. They're also
sensitive to temperature, they don't like to get too hot or too cold.
When his balls get too cold, the scrotum shrinks and pulls his balls
up against his body to keep them warm. When they get too warm, the
scrotum extends to let them cool. His balls are also pulled up
his body inside his scrotum when he's getting ready to cum. His balls
are sensitive to excessive pressure and are all too often ignored as
an erogenous area. Big mistake! Men actually like for a woman they
trust to play with their balls, if they know how to do it.
Study his cock, play with it with your hand, ask him what feels best.
Run your tongue over it, feel the texture, watch his reactions as you
lick the various areas. Take some of it in your mouth and hold it
there for a while. Watch his reaction and think about how it feels in
your mouth physically and what it feels like to have your man's cock
in your mouth emotionally.
There are other parts of a man's body which respond well to oral
stimulation. Spend some time finding them.
Getting Ready
Now that you've taken time to really look at his cock and play with
some, you've gotten beyond "Parts is parts" and recognize that some
parts are more equal than others. It takes a reasonable amount of
skill and practice to become a good cock-sucker, to know how to work
on those parts in a way that provides him with the pleasure he's
looking for and enjoy doing it. Lets start in with the first lesson.
Where should you be when you're sucking his cock? Between his legs,
top of him, in a sixty nine position? Actually, any place where you
can get his cock in your mouth, a car seat, chair, him standing on
head, it really doesn't matter as long as you're both comfortable.
However, because of the way his cock and your mouth, lips, tongue,
teeth and throat are made and what you have to do to his cock, you
make him enjoy it more and get more out of it yourself by kneeling
between his legs. This can be with both of you on the bed or with his
hips at the edge of the bed and you on the floor. You can make eye
contact and he can easily stroke your head with his hands in this
position. Deep-throating works better with slightly different
positions but we'll get to that later, lets get his cock in your
first. Lets start out with both of you on the bed. The down side of
you being on the bed is that holding your head up while you bend over
his cock can tire you if you want to go at it for a long time but
it'll be fine for these first lessons. You can stretch out between
legs and lay your head on his thigh with his cock in your mouth, but
it's hard to do much with it in this position. A fairly common
position, which also works well for deep-throating and throat
is with him standing and you kneeling on a cushion in front of him.
We talked about him giving you head on a lazy summer afternoon in the
first chapter, sometimes when you're giving him head, you'll want to
just lie there and play with his cock. Maybe you've been fucking and
he's cum a couple of times. You get the urge to give him a blowjob
can probably work up a hard-on for him with some effort, but it'll
take a while for him to cum. The best position for this is probably
the same as for leisurely eating pussy, him lying with his hips at
side of the bed, his feet and knees resting in chairs, you resting on
a cushion on the floor with his cock in your mouth and his head on a
pillow watching you. You can recline there with his balls in your
and your head resting on his thigh, making eye contact while you suck
on his cock for hours. If you want to tilt your head back to
deep-throat his cock, just rise up on your knees and have at it. He
can easily put his hands on your head in this position also. The side
by side 69 position with your head on his thigh and his cock in your
mouth is a nice comfortable position, it also puts his face
close to your pussy. Try various positions. See what works best for
the two of you.
What Do You Do With His Cum
If there's one thing you should try to cultivate a taste for it's his
cum, you don't have to swallow it, just let him cum in your mouth.
time you've had his cock in your mouth and he's been anywhere near
cuming, some of his cum has been dribbling out of it and you probably
didn't even notice it. It may seem that I'm devoting a lot of space
this subject. I am, but that's because it's currently a hot subject
with many people going off on tangents about diets and using condoms
and on and on. I think that his cum should be considered a part of
climax that has to occur with his cock in your mouth and that you
should cultivate a taste for it. Although a lot of women like it's
taste and look forward to it, it's not a pleasant taste for a number
of women. However, it's a taste that can be cultivated and it becomes
a pleasant experience if you just let your self get caught up in his
climax and taste his orgasm, not just his cum.
I love the sensations of his pulsing, thrusting cock squirting his
into my mouth and throat, but sometimes I like to watch it shoot. It
gives me visual images for my wet dreams and besides, it's a thrill
see the spurting cum. It's amazing how that stuff shoots out. If you
want to watch, you'll feel it coming with your hand and know when to
back off. If you're fast, you can even try to catch some on your
tongue. However, even though I like to watch it shoot, that's not
necessarily what a man likes for it to do, not up in the air anyway.
Lets face it, the male of the species' basic function in life is to
impregnate the female. He does that by planting his sperm in her, not
up in the air, as deep and often as he can.
He can control that desire to a point, but doing so robs him of a
innate satisfaction that's very meaningful to many men, they're more
emotional than they let on. He wants your body to suck all of that
sperm out of his cock and swallow it up. Whether or not you swallow
their cum is not a big deal with most men. They like to see you do it
but they really don't want you to take their cock out of your mouth
until they've finished cuming and started to come down from their
emotional high. When he's fucking you, you feel that you're drawing
him into yourself when you cum, part of his sexual makeup is a mirror
image of yours and he feels that he's being drawn into you when he
cums. He needs for you to keep his cock in your mouth, continuing to
increase the intensity of your fellatio, until he cums and his climax
lets down.
It's a real letdown for him if you take his cock out of your warm
mouth just as he's reaching the climax that you've both worked so
for and jack him off into a wet rag. It's almost like him pulling his
cock out of your cunt just as you start to cum and finishing you off
with his finger. So brace yourselves girls and keep that cock in your
mouth until he's finished and you've both started to come down. You
really were worked up over what you were doing weren't you? Besides,
that's not a bad choice. Remember, he can jack himself off and watch
it shoot on the shower floor without any help from you.
I'm not going to try and tell you his cum tastes like honey, it
doesn't. What I am going to try and tell you is that its taste
shouldn't be a big deal. Sex is messy, you get his cum and the juices
from your cunt all over each other and the bed when you fuck and it
doesn't matter until you have to clean it up. Most men will grab you,
hug you and kiss you after you've finished giving them head, and they
won't ask you to wash your mouth out first, it just doesn't matter in
the heat of passion. The taste of cum varies from man to man and from
time to time. One man's cum can taste good to one woman and bad to
another. It has a texture similar to the white of a raw egg. It can
almost tasteless with a faint aftertaste that I can't quite describe.
It's usually slightly salty and can be somewhat bitter. There's some
evidence there's less taste if a man has had a vasectomy and there's
no sperm in it, nice isn't it, he's safe and tasteless. There's also
not much odor until it dries and then it's rather offensive.
You must remember, this is not like wine tasting where taste is
everything, it's sex, and sex is mostly in the mind. I read a lot of
questions from women about how bad cum tastes and what to do about
I also read comments from those who say they love to take his cum in
their mouths and swallow every drop of it. I think it's the same old
story about a vocal minority opposing something they don't like while
the silent majority either likes it or doesn't care one way or the
other. I said something earlier about women I know personally who
sex liking to suck cock, all of them like for their man to cum in
their mouths and look forward to swallowing it. Some say they like
taste, most say the taste just doesn't matter, they want him to cum
their mouth to complete his orgasm and their blowjob.
You do a lot of things when you're sexually aroused that you might
otherwise do. When you're giving him head, you're already sexually
aroused, or else you wouldn't have his cock in your mouth in the
place. To enjoy giving him head You need to let yourself go and
immersed in bringing him to his orgasm. This works better if he's
his part and gotten you good and hot before you start, but not made
you cum yet. The anticipation of him passionately eating out your
pussy after you finish giving him head will keep your mind off such
things as the taste of his cum and it running down your chin and
dripping on your breasts while his cock is sliding in and out of your
mouth. If you read the first chapter on eating pussy, you'll recall
that the problem is similar to a man's first attempt at giving you
head, accept that a woman's pussy does taste and smell like honey to
many men after they get into it.
You'll probably let him cum in your mouth at first because you know
detracts from his orgasm if he doesn't and you want to give him as
much pleasure as you can. You know it feels good to him and he likes
to do it. Hopefully, taking his cum into your mouth will not be
something you do just because he wants you to. As you let yourself
caught up in the emotions of having sex with your man, the thoughts,
the anticipation of having his cock deep in your mouth and throat
excite you sexually. You'll want his cock in you, you'll fantasize
about his cum shooting into your mouth, not to taste it but to taste
his climax. You'll do all you can to bring him to climax, eagerly
waiting for his cock to start pulsing and thrusting in your mouth,
signaling the beginning of his orgasm. You'll suck hard on his cock
it pulses to increase his pleasure, waiting for his cum to start so
you can suck it out and let it shoot into your mouth. You'll feel his
cum spurting out with each pulse of his cock, taste it as you suck
the last drops and swallow them and then lick his cock clean like you
were sucking the juice off a popsicle. You'll may find yourself
wanting to keep his cock in your mouth for a while after he cums
you start to let down from the sexual high you were on while you were
sucking him off.
If you don't want to start out with him cuming in your mouth, let him
cum in your hand. Then stick your tongue in it and taste it. Let him
taste it at the same time, he'll do it if he's concerned about your
needs. Dip your tongue in it and then give him a deep French kiss.
take just enough in your mouth to be able to fully experience its
flavor and texture, swish it around with your tongue and then spit it
out. Don't wash your mouth out, just let the flavor slowly dissolve
it mixes with your saliva and learn about its aftertaste. Try taking
the rest of it in your mouth and holding it there, then spitting it
out. Once you get used to having a quantity of his cum in your mouth,
try spitting out most of it and swallowing the rest.
When you've tasted his cum and feel you're ready to go for it, let
cum directly in your mouth, you don't have to take all of it the
time, there's only a spoon full or so, just take some of it in, pull
his cock out, finish him off with your hand and let the rest squirt
somewhere else, you can clean it up later. As you do it more often,
you'll begin to like the sexuality of it and look forward to taking
all of it, it becomes a sensual thing, a part of your natural desire
to participate in his orgasm to the fullest extent, drawing him into
you as he climaxes.
If you don't want to swallow it at first, spit it out. Then, smile up
at him, take his cock back in your mouth and play with it for a
Gently now, because it's sensitive just like your clit after you've
cum, suck those last few drops out of it and lick it clean. This
hey, I want your cock in my mouth when you cum, I want to suck your
load out of your cock and feel it shoot into my mouth, I just don't
want to swallow it. I bet you'll soon be looking forward to
it, most women do, besides, it's not as messy that way. You'll find
out that swallowing his cum can be an intensely intimate act for both
of you, it can be a significant symbolic gesture of love. Good sex
isn't just the pleasure of reaching a climax, it's when you share
other's climax. It's when your efforts to bring him to a climax
you to the point where you could almost cum, sometimes his cum
squirting into your mouth even drives you over the top.
If you like to swallow it and have learned to swallow with his cock
your mouth, swallow it as he cums, otherwise keep it in your mouth
until he's done. If you're sucking on his cock while he's cuming, you
won't have much cock in your mouth, just an inch or so. You should be
able to swallow normally, just like you were drinking coke out of a
bottle. When he's finished cuming, hold your lips tight around his
cock, look up at him, and slide your mouth off it like you were
sucking the juice off a popsicle, then swallow whatever is still in
your mouth. Take his cock back in your mouth a couple of more times,
sucking and licking it clean while maintaining eye contact and
smiling. Let him know you like it.
I said earlier, you can either swallow his cum or spit it out.
a third choice, if you're into deep-throating, he can shoot it into
the bottom of your throat and it'll go straight down your esophagus
into your stomach. We'll talk about deep-throating a little further
on. For most men, it feels great, both physically and
for you to suck the cum out of their cock during orgasm, just like
were sucking it out of a straw. Your throat can't play with the head
of his cock and suck on it while he's at the height of his orgasm,
only your mouth can do that. You'll learn to use your mouth and
to bring him up to a high level of excitement and then bring him to
intense orgasm with his cock in your mouth. Although sometimes you'll
both want him to shoot his load down into the bottom of your throat,
you still need to learn to take it into your mouth because you can
give most men the greatest pleasure by completing their climax with
their cock in your mouth.
Once you begin experiencing the pleasures of cock-sucking, you'll
probably want to deep-throat his cock, it's that sexual thing of the
more the better, he'll want all of his cock in you and you'll want
of his cock in you, it's a win win situation. There'll be times then,
when his cock is sliding in and out of you from just inside your lips
down to the bottom of your throat, that you'll both want to forget
where his cock is and just let him cum, keeping up, or increasing,
intensity of your fellatio until he comes down from his orgasm. In
this case, he'll probably leave a trail of cum from your lips to the

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hugs an sweet juicy kisses to ya hot

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A very well written explanation of "things" Happy. I enjoyed reading it.
One point though. As far as sensitivity the head is quite sensitive, but it seems I get greatest pleasure from my foreskin. I can't speak for other guys.

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hot your the man, if its ment to be it will be. i do like that pool.

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icelooking tool guy, my maic on you oh yea

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I hear it's better looking in person. Check it out sometime.

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WOW! If you don’t now you should be a sex education writer as I have never seen a BJ described as good as this. You must be a very sexy lady to be with.

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thanks wille an thanks huny

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Are you available because I'm ready.

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